Waiting ‘Faith-Fully’ for Jesus – A Sinner like Zacchaeus

Hey Neighbor,

I was listening to one of my favorite preachers, while driving in the car…and she was speaking about Zacchaeus the publican/tax collector in Luke 19:1-10. I remembered teaching on the lesson in Sunday school and My husband, Dewitt teaching the kids the cute little song…

“Zacchaeus was a Wee-lil’ man and a Wee-lil’ man was he…He climbed up in a Sycamore tree…For The Lord he wanted to see!”

It was Dewitt’s favorite Sunday School Song, as a boy!

While listening to the broadcast, I was reminded of Dewitt’s boy-like spirit, when he climbed up in a tree to get a glimpse of our President.

It was the 2008 Presidential Election and Barack Obama was coming to St. Louis. Dewitt and I were both beyond thrilled as we headed out for the St. Louis Arch Grounds, clad in our Obama T-shirts and hats.

Now, I normally shy away from large crowds, but I was excited…and really wanted to actively participate in such a historic occasion for Black America, as we were embarking upon electing our First African-American President.

So there we were hanging out with over 50,000 strangers and yet it seemed like we were all a large multicultural family ‘in fellowship,’ as Everyone had come together on one accord to support Barack Obama.. It was an awesome experience!!

So we all stood and waited in the ‘line that didn’t end’ until we cleared the Secret Service entrance to get onto the Arch grounds. So Dewitt decided he was going to go and get us coffee and it seemed as if he was taking forever to get back…And he was, because he was bursting at the seams with excitement.

He was running around, savoring and capturing those historic moments…he was taking photos of everything that moved. He was so enthusiastic about our new President.

When he finally made it back onto the Arch grounds, it was just before Barack appeared on stage, so he got an idea to climb up into one of the trees to try to get a glimpse of our next President.

WOW!! What a Weirdo, huh??

So of course…The Secret Service approached him, without guns drawn (Thank God!!) and made him get his overzealous tail down from that tree!

Sounds pretty funny, huh??

But it really did happen…and maybe the idea originated from his Favorite Sunday School Song about Zacchaeus, The Wee-lil Man.

Here’s the Story:

In Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus, the tax collector, was overzealous also -like Dewitt- only Zacchaeus was trying to see Jesus!!

Jesus was passing through Jericho, on the way to raise Lazarus from the dead, when this dwarf- like publican, determinedly decided that HE WAS GOING TO SEE JESUS!!

He had heard all the other Jews talking about this, Jesus; and he believed the stories and wanted to see this One who John the Baptist declared to be, “The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World!”…And although he was considered amongst the ‘chiefest’ of sinners, being the chief tax collector, by trade; Zacchaeus believed that by his merely setting eyes on Jesus, his sins could be forgiven.

So upon Jesus’ arrival into town, he ran ahead of the crowd, like a little boy, and climbed up into a Sycamore tree, anticipating that he could get one glimpse of Jesus. Remember Zacchaeus was a very small man; he could not see beyond even those individuals of average height. But he was determined that Nothing would Prevent him from setting his ‘Faith-Filled’ eyes on the Messiah!!

He had never seen Jesus before and was trying to identify which one of the disciples he was. He wanted to be certain about his Saviour…yet he was not expecting to be acknowledged or recognized by Jesus, at all! So when Jesus passed through and looked up at him, calling him out, by Name, saying, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down; for I must stay at your house today.”
Zacchaeus must have been so amazed!!

Now the Jews did not converse with sinners, like Zacchaeus (publicans). I would imagine that besides his own household and his employees, who were required to talk to him, he was not spoken too at all, publicly.

So when Jesus came into town, acknowledging this sinner by name, proclaiming that He MUST stay at his house, Zaccheaus quickly climbed down; with a penitent heart and begins confessing all of his wrongdoing and declaring that he will make retribution for his sin of theft against the poor, according to the Law.

He knows that Jesus will not despise a broken spirit nor a contrite heart, according to the Psalms 51:17. So Zacchaeus empties out before Jesus then eagerly, Welcomes WALKING SALVATION into his home.

Jesus came seeking those that were lost and Zacchaeus placed himself in position to be found by Jesus.

When Jesus returns, will he find You waiting ‘Faith-Fully,’ like Zacchaeus??

Will You be eagerly anticipating His arrival?? And although You’ve been an imperfect person; a sinner, saved by grace, Will You still look confidently for Him??…believing that He will arrive bringing full redemption of your sins; Opening wide The Gates to His Heavenly Home for you saying,

“Well Done My Good and ‘Faith-Full’ Servant!! You Must come to My house today to stay with Me, eternally!!


Thanks Again for all Your Love and Support. I’m still a little ‘under the weather,’ but taking it easy.
Please continue to keep me in Your Prayers.

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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It’s Thanksgiving!! – Send up High Praises to God

-Let the saints be joyful in glory:
let them sing aloud upon their beds.
Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
and a twoedged sword in their hand;-
(Psalms 149:5-6)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I found myself singing upon my sick bed last night as I read about Paul and Silas. I came home Tuesday night with a headache and aches and pains after our Bible Study class at the Center. I got into my bed, immediately…hoping that I could take my herbs and sleep it off and be ready to do my grocery shopping on Wednesday…but that didn’t happen. So my daughter, Allie made the grocery list and Hubby took care of the shopping on Wednesday afternoon. Praise God! I am feeling better today…the aches and pains are gone, but the headache still lingers…Pray for Me!

So as I was laying there, in pain….reading about Paul and Silas (Acts 16:25-37)….and how they praised God through their pain…. I opened my mouth in song, like they did in the inner prison.

Paul and Silas had been falsely accused and had been beaten by the Romans, with rods…so terribly that Verse 23 says they received many blows..(somebody lost count.) Then, they were thrown into the lowest part of the prison.

So here they are…in a cold, damp, dark (pitch black) dungeon…locked in stocks. Now I always imagined stocks to be shackles and chains…but Nope! Paul and Silas were bound into a wooden apparatus that locks the feet down at the ankles into a very small opening, as to prevent them from escaping. OUCH!!

Yet, at midnight, when they could have been resting, these “Faith-Full” guys who were…bloody, bruised, and dreadfully sore…and locked down in stocks…started praying.
Then they broke out in song, with something like…
“Let the Church say Amen!”

WOW!! Really??

Now Paul and Silas were not whispering…remember, they were in the inner prison (dungeon) and Verse 25 tells us that the other prisoners could hear them praising, all the way from the dungeon. So Paul and Silas were kicking up some “High Praises!” Wow!!

Paul and Silas prayed and worshipped, loudly till God sent a ‘Great’ Earthquake…shaking the foundations of the prison…opening the prison doors, and loosing all the prisoners from their shackles and stocks.

God had sent Paul and Silas to Rome to Preach the Good News about Jesus Christ, yet the Romans had locked them up to hinder the Word from going forth. But God used this opportunity to save the whole jailhouse! Notice that when the prisoners were loosed, they didn’t break out in a mad escape…The prisoners were in Awe of God and had probably chimed in with the second verse,
“God has Spoken, Let the Church say Amen!”

So as the story goes, the jailer (who had Paul and Silas locked in stocks) was converted and baptized…and Paul and Silas were released from Prison by the magistrates, the next day.

So…When Jesus returns, Will He find You “Faith-Fully” Praising….like Paul and Silas??

Will you press past Your pain and give God His Glory, even when life has dealt you a bad hand??

Will you press past Your pain and give God His Glory, even when your body is broken down and racking with pain??

Psalm 149 says we can cut through the pain with our Praise and our Two-edged sword…that Sword is the Word of God!!

I pray that You will be blessed on This Thanksgiving day as you share this day with Your Family and Friends.

Don’t forget to Give God His Glory Today!! Let the Family Break out in Song…Sending up A High Praise to Our “Faith-Full” God!!

Till Tomorrow,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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How To Get An Upgrade from God!!

-AND JOSEPH was brought down to Egypt; and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain and chief executioner of the [royal] guard, an Egyptian, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had brought him down there-
(Genesis 39:1)

And so there was Joseph; the boy with the dream…a vision from God that one day he would be a great man that others would bow down before. He had been sold into slavery by his envious brothers and stripped of his coat of many colors.

…But now he’s in Egypt, living in servitude, amongst foreigners and their foreign gods. The Egyptians did not know The One, True God, The Great ‘I Am.’ But Joseph knew Him and continued to draw near unto God.

So..now God was doing a new thing in the life of the young boy, Joseph, who had come from a family of means. Remember, Joseph’s beloved Father, Israel was a very wealthy man, Yet now Joseph has become a slave, in Potiphar’s house.

Here’s Joseph’s Story:

After they loosed his shackles, Potiphar may have placed him outside, cleaning the horse stables and stalls; but Joseph was faithful…so The Lord blessed the horses.

Then Potiphar may have promoted him to a ‘house slave’ and had him cleaning kitchens and bathrooms…but Joseph was faithful…so the Lord blessed the health of the household; as the conditions were more sanitary…thus there was fewer diseases and illnesses amongst the family.

Then Potiphar started to take notice saying, “There’s something special about this boy!”

So now he upgrades, ‘Faith-Full’ Joseph to the Cook….Then to the Butler…And Potiphar, finally catches on.
He realizes, that the ‘God’ that this boy serves is giving Joseph favor. And when this boy steals away, after work, he goes into his ‘Secret Place’ to worship… Maybe that place is in the servant’s quarters, or maybe it’s in the stables, where he began.

But, Potiphar has no doubt that Joseph’s God is blessing everything Joseph puts his hands to….thus blessing Potiphar and his entire household.

So Potiphar upgrades Joseph again. This time, he gives him the position of “Supervisor” of All of his household. Now Joseph is no longer a slave, but gainfully employed as the ‘Acting, Captain and Chief Executioner of the Royal Guard’ in Egypt.

Why ‘Acting??’
Because, Potiphar has decided to sit back and reap the benefits of having the ‘blessing boy’ in the house. He basically resigns himself of all his duties and responsibilities to Pharaoh..leaving Joseph in charge. Verse 5 tells us that Potiphar only had concern about what he wanted to eat…Wow!!

Look at God!!

Although Joseph’s brothers stripped him of his coat, they couldn’t strip him of his Comforter. Verse 2 tells us that God, His Comforter was with Joseph all the time, because Joseph was faithful to God, and stayed in relationship, and sought Him through prayer and worship.

Joseph, though separated from all that was familiar, he continued meditating on God’s words and believing Him for the fulfillment of his dream, by faith.

So when Mrs. Potiphar comes along, Saying, “Joseph, Since You’re in charge of My the household…Now, I want you to take charge of Me, too!”


So Sexual Harassment Started in Egypt!!

Joseph was appalled to even consider such an abomination before God.
This perverse, wicked woman with no morals…no scruples…and no loyalty to her husband (his boss) was sexually harassing Joseph on the job!

The Bible says that Joseph was a’fine- looking’ young man and Mrs. Potiphar had taken notice.
She was tempting him at the water cooler…but Joseph was faithful!

Then she would conveniently make her way to the servant’s break room, during his lunch hour….but Joseph was faithful!

Then she showed up at the printer, every time he went to make copies…but Joseph was Faithful!

She was a real stalker…but not for God!! Lol

I can imagine that Joseph had to keep watch and be concerned about her whereabouts, as to avoid running into her…but she finally caught him, alone..and tried to seduce him.

But Joseph shunned her, breaking loose from her grip so quickly that he left his coat in her hands.

Man!! This brother has a problem keeping coats!! Lol

He ran away from her thinking…

How could Mrs. Potiphar expect him to do such an ungrateful and disloyal thing to his Master, Potiphar, who had entrusted his entire household into Joseph’s hands??…

How could she expect him to do such a wicked and unclean thing against his own body and his soul…and most of all, against his God- Who was had shown him Great Favor in Egypt??

..So Joseph remained faithful to God and to his Boss. He resisted the temptation to cheat with Potiphar’s wife. He refused to lie in the face of his master, day after day, while secretly, stealing private moments with his wife.

But as the story goes…Joseph was falsely accused and convicted of attempted rape… And thrown into prison.

But God was still with him behind the Prison bars and blessed his hands there too…til he was finally released from jail.

God replaced Potiphar and Gave Joseph the New Position.

Joseph was ‘Faith-Full’ til God Upgraded him!!

When Jesus comes back…Will He find You ‘Faith-Full’ on Your job??

If so…God will also bless You with a New Position….’til he give’s you a Heavenly Upgrade!!

Let Him Upgrade You, Today!!

-His master said to him, Well done, you upright (honorable, admirable) and faithful servant! You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much. Enter into and share the joy blessedness) which your master enjoys-
(Matthew 25:21)

Til Tomorrow….When We will discuss the ‘Faith-Fullness’ of
Paul and Silas – In Prison

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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Will Jesus Find You “Faith-Full??”

-However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth-
(Luke 18:8)

Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without Faith, we cannot please The Lord….So when Jesus comes back, will He find us and say…
Well done my good and “Faith-Full’ servant!??

This week we are going to look at a few “Faith-Full” bible characters.
Now just to remind you…these bible characters were real people with real problems…just like you and me…but they overcame by faith…and so do We!! Hallelujah!!

These are some of the bible characters we will look at this week:

Tuesday’s Lesson: Joseph
-Genesis 39-41

Will Jesus come back and find you faithful ‘at work’ like Joseph??
-Even though he was the only God fearing believer on the job.

Wednesday’s Lesson: Paul and Silas – Acts 16:16-17

Will Jesus come back and find you like Paul and Silas?? Imprisoned and yet ‘faithfully’ praising

Thursday’s Lesson: Zacchaeus
-Luke 19:1-9

Will Jesus come back and find you
like Zacchaeus??
Faithfully, Sitting up on the highest tree branch trying to
‘Get a Glimpse of Jesus.’

Friday’s Lesson: Elijah
– 1 Kings 18-19

Will Jesus come back and find you running like Elijah??….Running so faithfully for God, that you’ve outpaced the King’s horses and chariots??

Monday’s Lesson (today): My friend, Erica

Will Jesus come back and find you like my friend, Erica?? Faithfully, on her way to bible study after a car accident??

Here’s her story:

Erica was on her way to Tuesday night Bible Study at her church. She was driving down the highway with her daughter in the passenger’s seat, when another driver sideswiped her car, leaving her spinned-out in the road!!

Praise God they were unharmed, physically, but they were both in-shock, and shaken-up. The police officer came onto the scene, did his job, and gave her a copy of the paperwork.

Again, they were physically unharmed, but the passenger’s side mirror was now half gone and the glass mirror was shattered into pieces.

Now, Erica was still a nervous wreck, but praising God that He spared their lives; and her daughter was still visibly upset, but getting it together when the officer sends her on her way.

Now, Does Erica turn the car around to go back home??


She keeps her car in the east-bound lane heading for her church!!


What kind of Faith is that??….And Where can I get some!!

‘Cause I would have taken my wimpy, whiny tail AND my baby back home where I felt safe…as we used to say, ‘with the quickness!’

I would have been pressing to get home, where my husband would be, to hold me and tell me it was all going to be alright..

But this girl stays on the designated path…Still driving and praying and wiping tears as she looks, from time to time, over at her daughter and the remnants of the side mirror.

She presses to get her ‘Faith-Full’ tail to the House of The Lord…her Strong Tower!!

-The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the [consistently] righteous man [upright and in right standing with God] runs into it and is safe, high [above evil] and strong-
(Prov 18:10)


Erica ran into the church and found safety in the arms of Jesus!!
She also found the loving support and the helping hands of her Pastor and her church family.

That’s how I want to be when Jesus finds me, “Faith-Full” and strong in The Lord…like Erica!!

So, I hope Erica’s story encouraged you today! Don’t let the devil put you on a Detour…Keep Pressing On, By Faith!!

So come back tomorrow for Tuesday’s Lesson where we will look at “Faith-Full,”Joseph. – On the Job, in Egypt, where he was the only believer.

Until then…Remember

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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Spiritual Journey 101- Spiritual Diary

-Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.-
(1Pet 5:7) Amplified

Well, Dewitt and I have finished our 4 week Course, ‘Methods of Bible Study.’ All of my homework has been turned in…including my research paper (waiting for the grade) and the Spiritual diary.

What is a Spiritual Diary??

A Spiritual Diary is a Journal. It’s just like the diary many of us kept as teenagers. Remember how we would sneak off to a hiding spot and record all of our secret thoughts and private, personal conversations we had with our ‘best’ friends into our diaries. Well, Once Again…A Spiritual Diary is of the same concept.

When I am journaling, the best time for me to steal away is first thing in the morning, while my 4 yr. old, Hubie is still asleep.

I go upstairs, close the door behind me and enjoy some One-on-One time with my ‘Best Friend’ – Just me and the Lord…in my ‘Secret Place.’

I usually begin with prayer, then I
start to read my bible.
But really…there are no rules!
So, however you begin is your preference.
Your method has to work for You!!

As I start to write in my journal,
(any kind of notebook will do)
I write down the Book, Chapter(s) and Verse(s) I read…Sometimes, I like to write out the important verses, but the point is to write down what you’ve received or learned during your reading …What did the Holy Spirit illuminate in the verse??…and How does it relate to Your current struggles and Your many victories??

From there, I like to jot down those personal, private conversations that I’ve had with God – in prayer…What did He say in my Spirit?…What did I dream about?…What song did I wake up with, still stuck in my head?…Who I am praying for?…And of Course…What I am asking God to do in my Life!!

Now it’s up to you where you decide to go from there…should you decide to put a lock on your diary or hide it from the nosy people you live with…Again, It’s Your preference.

Now, I used to keep my spiritual diary hidden, but my husband would always find it and read it anyway…So now, I’m an open book…Lol!

The most important benefit to keeping a Spiritual Diary or Journal is this:
When You look back through the pages, You will be amazed at How Far You’ve Come!!

You’ll be able to look back and track your spiritual growth, the progression of your faith… And you’ll also be able to document How God has moved and answered prayers in Your Life!!

TIP: Whenever The Lord answers one of your prayers, go back to that journal and write down the date- next to the prayer request…or somewhere on that page.

I think this little tip is so awesome because, when satan (no capital ‘S’) comes to attack Your faith and You find Yourself wallowing in doubt and unbelief, You can Look Back through your journals and encourage yourself in The Lord!!

So, if you’re not one who currently journals, Try it out!!

There is another benefit You may also discover while Journaling. It causes you to release some of the heavy burdens you’ve been carrying.

As you write down your worries and concerns, leaving them there on the paper…yet trusting God to Come Through!!…You’re casting Your Cares on Him…because He Cares for You!!

As Always…

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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How To Get ‘Full on God’

..He who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].
(Prov 15:15)

Hey Neighbor!!

Anybody that knows my children, know that they can ‘throw down’ at the dinner table. They can really eat!! Recently, some members of my church family got a bird’s eye view of my baby son, Hubert, in action…but by no means can he compete with my oldest son, Dewitt, who is Autistic. Everybody is amazed at how much Dewitt can eat. Now, he is quite slender, but he has a ravenous appetite. From time to time, our church invites the children to a buffet, after church…and Dewitt goes wild!!

Normally, I am pretty quick to remind Dewitt that he has had enough to eat, because he has a tendency to gorge himself, but on buffet dates, Dewitt gets the ‘Green Light’ from Mom. His little heart is so happy, because he gets to enjoy himself, on a continuous food feast. He takes full advantage of this freedom…and every time I look up…he’s back at the buffet bar, filling up another plate.

Wow!! Just sitting there watching him, I think to myself….if only we had that type of appetite for God’s Word…We would be Spiritually Fat and Full!
Proverbs 15:15 says that our heart, like Dewitt’s, is glad, regardless of the circumstance, when we continually feed upon His Word.

You know what…Our Father offers us a Spiritual Buffet and there are so many good things to fill our Spiritual plates with at
‘God’s Buffet.’

There’s the Fruit Bar:
Galatians 5: 22-23
-Where the Holy Spirit is serving up love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, meekness, faithfulness, and self-control….Man!! I’m just about full on that, Already!! Lol

Then, there’s Jesus, serving up a Heavenly meat entree at the table of Eternal Life:
John 6:55-56
– And everyone is welcome to come and eat the meat of His flesh and drink of His blood unto Salvation.

Now, to quench your thirst, Jesus is Also serving up refreshments at the
Bar of Revelation:
– He’s inviting everyone who needs their soul refreshed, to come and drink the water of Everlasting Life…..And can you believe this??…….The ReFills are FREE!!

When we realize that our cravings can only be satisfied by God and His Word, we learn to take advantage of every opportunity to indulge ourselves in reading and hearing His Word, therefore partaking of God’s ‘Spiritual Smorgasbord’….Wow!!

I’m reminded of Jesus, in John 4:30-33, when He got ‘FULL’ on God!!
He had sent his disciples away to go and purchase food, while he rested at the well, in Samaria. When they returned with the food, they begged him to eat, but he refused to eat. So they assumed that someone else had already brought him food, but Jesus explained to them that His Spirit was Full on God’s Words; as He habitually communed with His Father.

The Bible is Our Father, God’s thoughts and Words penned to paper by the Holy Spirit, and when we continually, commune with God, by reading and hearing…and hearing His Words, regardless of our current life struggles, We can have a Continual Feast… and a Full…Happy Heart.

Let’s Pray today, that Our Father will increase our Spiritual Appetites for His Word and teach Us how to get
‘Full on God!’

In Jesus’ Name


You have received an invitation to God’s Buffet …and He is waiting to fill both Your Spiritual Plate AND Your Cup…Enjoy!!

Again…God Loves You and So Do I!!


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How To Be A ‘Stalker for God’

Hey Neighbor!!

I was checking my email on a Tuesday morning, when I saw a message that read: ‘Looking for you.’ Now I certainly recognized the name…in fact, her name was very familiar to me because Gail and I had worked together, downtown St. Louis. We were such good friends, that the people on the job thought I smoked cigarettes because, whenever it was time for Gail to go on cigarette break, I was right there, in the midst of the smoke!! Lol

Now, Gail was so determined to locate me, that she had recently sent a letter to my house, probably a couple of months prior…just like a real stalker, huh??

The letter read: I hope this letter finds you well. I don’t know how we lost contact, but here is my number. Give me a call.

I was so glad to receive Gail’s letter because I ‘loved me some’ Gail!!….but it had been a long night for me, so I set the letter on my nightstand and decided I would call her on the weekend, when she wasn’t working…so we could really talk.

So ‘busily, being busy,’….That’s how I get……I forgot!!

Then, later in that month, I decided that there was too much clutter on my nightstand, so I went through everything and rediscovered the letter. Now that was on a weekday morning, in the afternoon and I knew she would probably be at work, so once again, I told myself, “Wait until the weekend.”

Now this time, my husband was ‘busily being busy,’ when he removed my important mail from the kitchen table…and of course, whenever you ask him if he remembers where he moved something, his standard answer is “I didn’t see it!!” Wow!!
I still bless God for him though… Lol

So now I’m thinking…What do I do Now??…..I didn’t know what to do…and most likely, hubby threw the letter away,
unintentionally….even though he “never saw it.” Lol

So I thought, “I’m stuck!!”

Now, Fast Forward back to Tuesday….So I’m checking my email and I click to open her message. Gail goes on to say how she had been searching high and low, to find me. Then, She simply left her phone number, asking me to give her a call…Sooooo, this time…I called her right away. Yay!!

So, Gail and I had a great time catching up…and we’ve been staying in communication by phone and text. We’ve tentatively planned to get together and I’m so excited!! She’s been enjoying the blog…and she recently sent me a text requesting more Bible Trivia. Wow…a demanding stalker too, huh??

So you may be wondering where I’m going with this….In our modern day, hi- tech society of cell phones, tablets, computers, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and also U.S Mail!! We really don’t have an excuse for failing to communicating with our friends and loved ones.

Sure…. I know All of us have had an experience where you’ve gone into the wireless store to buy a new phone and have lost all your contacts…But we don’t have to get stuck there!!

God dropped my name into Gail’s Spirit. Hallelujah!!
My Name was on the Mind of God! Wow!! Let me Just think about that for a moment…

…And without delay, she began searching for me and left no stone, unturned, till she found me!!

God was planning a ‘Divine Set-up.’ Just like the meeting of Samuel and Saul…Saul didn’t know Samuel when he went looking for him..and Samuel didn’t know Saul from Adam either…lol. But God knew Saul, and dropped his name into Samuel’s Spirit!

Both Saul and Samuel were walking in obedience to God…right into His Divine Setup…and it was Awesome!!
[Go back and read Saul’s Story on the blog- You’ll find it under, ‘Bible Trivia- Saul’s Search’]

So When God drops a name into your Spirit, walk in obedience and be a “Stalker for God!”….Like Gail!! Lol

Seriously though… Maybe God wants to use Your testimony to encourage a lost friend, or Maybe He wants You to pray for -or- with a former co-worker, or just Maybe He wants You to tell someone who’s fallen away from Christ, that “Jesus Still loves You and You are not alone!”

What Name has God Dropped into Your Spirit??
Go!!….and Don’t delay!!
Let God Divinely, Set You Up.

As Always….Remember,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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