Why CareNRC in ESL?


I know that many of you have been pondering this question: Why Carenrcinesl?? So I want to bring you up to speed:

Care Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation -“Care NRC”- is a Redevelopment company started by my husband, Dewitt and myself -“IN”- East St. Louis. -“ESL” –
Thus CareNRCinESL.
Our home office is @ The Benton Cultural Center located at 1516 N. 43rd Street.

What does Care NRC do in ESL??

Care NRC is revitalizing the neighborhood community from 40th-45th St. in East St. Louis. We are purchasing and rehabbing the beautiful old homes, in the “Van Buren Neighborhood,” that have fallen into disrepair. Each house that we renovate gets wired into a video surveillance system which secures the home, the neighborhood…and more importantly, the New Resident. The video surveillence records the perimeter of each house and the street activity 24 hours/day and 7 days/wk.

How Long Has CareNRC been in ESL??

We Started working on this project about 4 years ago. We began by cutting down the weeds and the overgrown trees surrounding the abandoned/vacant homes and getting them boarded up. We spent months cleaning and cutting down the SUPER HIGH weeds in the alleys and mowing grass in the vacant lots.
-Thus increasing safety in the area.
The People thought we were CRAZY!! Lol.

Eventually, we began to gain the support and trust of the neighbors and We started passing out newsletters to initiate monthly neighborhood meetings. The purpose of the meetings were to explain to the people (who thought we were crazy) why we were in their neighborhood.

Before CareNRC owned a “neighborhood house” or Cultural Center, several of the neighbors would volunteer to “host” the monthly meetings in their own homes, inviting people into their homes who, at that time, were total strangers to them. We were so in awe of the love that the neighbors were showing us.

Eventually, we did purchase a neighborhood house, The “Benton Center,” and began to host the neighborhood meetings in our house. We also began an Exercise Class, for the neighbors, on Wednesday and Friday evenings.
The evenings grew long, as we were having such a great time with our neighbors, just hanging around, chit-chatting, playing cards (Skip-Bo) and OCCASIONALLY, exercising. Lol!

We were truly in fellowship!! These people, who had not been accustomed to even “waving at their neighbors,” had begun to establish beautiful relationships with one another- Talk about Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself- I have been so in awe at what God is Doing in the Van Buren Neighborhood!!

Where is Care Bible Study held??

Recently, we began to host a weekly Bible Study at the Benton Center. Our Bible Study is held on Tuesday nights at 6pm and we are so excited because our neighbors have been very supportive and the class is growing – Thus, the fellowship continues to grow at the “Center.”

We also want to keep you abreast of This Great Thing that God is Doing in ESL- Thus the CAREBIBLESTUDY @ Carenrcinesl.wordpress.com blog.

I hope I have answered some of your questions about CareNRCinESL.

Please keep Dewitt and I, as well as our Neighbors in the Vanburen Neighborhood in your prayers and “FOLLOW US” on the blog as we go forth, as Disciples for Christ, in East St. Louis.
-This was the Lord’s doing. And it is Marvelous in our eyes.- Mark 12:11

Thank you for your comments and support!!

God Loves You and So Do I!!


P.S. Be on the lookout for videos and pics..Coming Soon!


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