I Will Not Fear!!

-There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us. – (1 James 4:18-19)

Hello Neighbor,

Many of you know that I am a Joyce Meyer fan. For several years now, I have been a Joyce Meyer Ministry (JMM) Partner…And I have a Library of her books and teachings, available at the Benton Center for our neighbors to read…And I have faithfully attended the St. Louis Women’s Conference for the past 4 years.

I met a Special friend that first year at the JMM conference; my ‘sister’ and friend, Donna. Donna and I have since attended every September conference, together. We do a sleepover at her house and we call it “girlfriend weekend.” It’s always AMAZING!! Lol.

Actually, Donna and I are pictured together on The JMM website, we’ve made the video highlights and that same photo has made the Enjoying Everyday Life Magazine..Yay!!

The day we met, I was sitting out in front of the Ed Jones Dome, all alone, probably about 3-4 hours prior to the doors opening; trying to get a seat down front. Donna approached and sat down on the ground with me and we hit it off, right away. She lives in St. Louis and had come to the conference solo…and I live in Illinois, and had also come solo.

I remember feeling afraid to attend such a BIG conference, all alone. I had desired, for many years, to go to the conference and had never gone, because I couldn’t get my girlfriends to come with me and my husband could not attend. (No Men Allowed..Lol!!)

But…that was the year, I had made up my mind, that I would just “Do It Afraid” and Go!!

I am so glad that I moved beyond my hesitations and pressed past my fears….and I am so glad I met Donna. The Holy Spirit orchestrated our meeting…As he does for thousands and thousands of Women, from all over the world.

Many of the women who attend the conference, like myself, Go solo, but the Holy Spirit matches us up with other women according to our spiritual gifts and needs. He is like a Master Puzzler, fitting women together, of all different shapes and sizes, races and nationalities. We step out of our hotel rooms and vehicles alone, but He brings us together in Love and Support…and Sisterhood!! We’re never the same when we Walk Away!!

So…Are you ready to Press Past your Fears??

Well, Today is Your Day!!

Joyce asked us ladies to”Break-up with Fear” this past September and to sign Satan out of our lives…and Yes, We Did!!

So here is your opportunity also…

The ‘Fear Letter’ is available here, on my blog…so check it out. Print it out and sign it and Break-up with Fear today!!

Welcome to You’re New Freedom in Christ!!

Let me Know that you signed the
‘Fear Letter’ and Email me at ttwear@gmail.com.


God Loves You and So Do I!!



2 thoughts on “I Will Not Fear!!

  1. The Conference was AMAZING!!
    I pray for you everyday…before I send out Your message!!
    Thanks so much for the love and support…It means so much to me!
    Tell somebody about the blog or Forward the message to a friend.
    Looking Forward to seeing You!!


  2. Lisa says:

    You are a women who steps out in faith and I an so blessed to have met you. Your message on fear is a good reminder for me on how the enemy tries to attack us through fear and insecurity. BUT…we were given the armor to fight back and break those strongholds in Jesus name. Luv u much…Lisa

    I’m gonna be in St. Louis the week of New Years. Would love to stop by and see your place of worship.

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