How To Get ‘Full on God’

..He who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].
(Prov 15:15)

Hey Neighbor!!

Anybody that knows my children, know that they can ‘throw down’ at the dinner table. They can really eat!! Recently, some members of my church family got a bird’s eye view of my baby son, Hubert, in action…but by no means can he compete with my oldest son, Dewitt, who is Autistic. Everybody is amazed at how much Dewitt can eat. Now, he is quite slender, but he has a ravenous appetite. From time to time, our church invites the children to a buffet, after church…and Dewitt goes wild!!

Normally, I am pretty quick to remind Dewitt that he has had enough to eat, because he has a tendency to gorge himself, but on buffet dates, Dewitt gets the ‘Green Light’ from Mom. His little heart is so happy, because he gets to enjoy himself, on a continuous food feast. He takes full advantage of this freedom…and every time I look up…he’s back at the buffet bar, filling up another plate.

Wow!! Just sitting there watching him, I think to myself….if only we had that type of appetite for God’s Word…We would be Spiritually Fat and Full!
Proverbs 15:15 says that our heart, like Dewitt’s, is glad, regardless of the circumstance, when we continually feed upon His Word.

You know what…Our Father offers us a Spiritual Buffet and there are so many good things to fill our Spiritual plates with at
‘God’s Buffet.’

There’s the Fruit Bar:
Galatians 5: 22-23
-Where the Holy Spirit is serving up love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, meekness, faithfulness, and self-control….Man!! I’m just about full on that, Already!! Lol

Then, there’s Jesus, serving up a Heavenly meat entree at the table of Eternal Life:
John 6:55-56
– And everyone is welcome to come and eat the meat of His flesh and drink of His blood unto Salvation.

Now, to quench your thirst, Jesus is Also serving up refreshments at the
Bar of Revelation:
– He’s inviting everyone who needs their soul refreshed, to come and drink the water of Everlasting Life…..And can you believe this??…….The ReFills are FREE!!

When we realize that our cravings can only be satisfied by God and His Word, we learn to take advantage of every opportunity to indulge ourselves in reading and hearing His Word, therefore partaking of God’s ‘Spiritual Smorgasbord’….Wow!!

I’m reminded of Jesus, in John 4:30-33, when He got ‘FULL’ on God!!
He had sent his disciples away to go and purchase food, while he rested at the well, in Samaria. When they returned with the food, they begged him to eat, but he refused to eat. So they assumed that someone else had already brought him food, but Jesus explained to them that His Spirit was Full on God’s Words; as He habitually communed with His Father.

The Bible is Our Father, God’s thoughts and Words penned to paper by the Holy Spirit, and when we continually, commune with God, by reading and hearing…and hearing His Words, regardless of our current life struggles, We can have a Continual Feast… and a Full…Happy Heart.

Let’s Pray today, that Our Father will increase our Spiritual Appetites for His Word and teach Us how to get
‘Full on God!’

In Jesus’ Name


You have received an invitation to God’s Buffet …and He is waiting to fill both Your Spiritual Plate AND Your Cup…Enjoy!!

Again…God Loves You and So Do I!!


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