Spiritual Journey 101- Spiritual Diary

-Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.-
(1Pet 5:7) Amplified

Well, Dewitt and I have finished our 4 week Course, ‘Methods of Bible Study.’ All of my homework has been turned in…including my research paper (waiting for the grade) and the Spiritual diary.

What is a Spiritual Diary??

A Spiritual Diary is a Journal. It’s just like the diary many of us kept as teenagers. Remember how we would sneak off to a hiding spot and record all of our secret thoughts and private, personal conversations we had with our ‘best’ friends into our diaries. Well, Once Again…A Spiritual Diary is of the same concept.

When I am journaling, the best time for me to steal away is first thing in the morning, while my 4 yr. old, Hubie is still asleep.

I go upstairs, close the door behind me and enjoy some One-on-One time with my ‘Best Friend’ – Just me and the Lord…in my ‘Secret Place.’

I usually begin with prayer, then I
start to read my bible.
But really…there are no rules!
So, however you begin is your preference.
Your method has to work for You!!

As I start to write in my journal,
(any kind of notebook will do)
I write down the Book, Chapter(s) and Verse(s) I read…Sometimes, I like to write out the important verses, but the point is to write down what you’ve received or learned during your reading …What did the Holy Spirit illuminate in the verse??…and How does it relate to Your current struggles and Your many victories??

From there, I like to jot down those personal, private conversations that I’ve had with God – in prayer…What did He say in my Spirit?…What did I dream about?…What song did I wake up with, still stuck in my head?…Who I am praying for?…And of Course…What I am asking God to do in my Life!!

Now it’s up to you where you decide to go from there…should you decide to put a lock on your diary or hide it from the nosy people you live with…Again, It’s Your preference.

Now, I used to keep my spiritual diary hidden, but my husband would always find it and read it anyway…So now, I’m an open book…Lol!

The most important benefit to keeping a Spiritual Diary or Journal is this:
When You look back through the pages, You will be amazed at How Far You’ve Come!!

You’ll be able to look back and track your spiritual growth, the progression of your faith… And you’ll also be able to document How God has moved and answered prayers in Your Life!!

TIP: Whenever The Lord answers one of your prayers, go back to that journal and write down the date- next to the prayer request…or somewhere on that page.

I think this little tip is so awesome because, when satan (no capital ‘S’) comes to attack Your faith and You find Yourself wallowing in doubt and unbelief, You can Look Back through your journals and encourage yourself in The Lord!!

So, if you’re not one who currently journals, Try it out!!

There is another benefit You may also discover while Journaling. It causes you to release some of the heavy burdens you’ve been carrying.

As you write down your worries and concerns, leaving them there on the paper…yet trusting God to Come Through!!…You’re casting Your Cares on Him…because He Cares for You!!

As Always…

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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