Judah’s Praise=Jesus!!

-Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise:-
(Genesis 49:8)

I want to thank you so very much for your prayers. Yesterday was my first day back at the Center, after having been sick for nearly a week. I came in feeling chilly and moving a little slow, but The Holy Spirit stirred us up and warmed our hearts…and We had a great time together, in The Lord!!

We looked back at Judah for our topic of Study.

We recognize that Judah was one of the twelve sons (tribes) born to the Patriarch, Jacob and also as the Kingly Tribe through which Jesus descended from.

Now, Judah begat 5 sons, in total… two of which were twin boys that he had by his daughter-in-law.

Yes…You heard it right!!

The last two boys, Perez and Zerah were begat by Judah and his deceased Son’s wife, Er. Her name was Tamar.

So….No…it wasn’t just Your family that was a little dysfunctional!! Lol

Here’s the Story.

Judah had three boys by a Canaanite daughter of Shuah. Their names were Er, Onan, and Shelah. Now Er married Tamar and died suddenly, before they could have a child. Therefore it was the responsibility of the second son, Onan, to marry his brother’s widow and give her a child as a namesake to his brother, Er.

Onan was not happy about this…so during sex, he spilled his seed (semen) on the ground…and God was not pleased with Onan and he died suddenly also…leaving Tamar, still childless.

So with 2 sons down and 1 left…Judah sends Tamar away…back home to her father’s house, promising her that he would call for her to wed the last boy, Shelah…when he is old enough to marry.

Of Course, Judah had no such intention of permitting this woman to marry the only son he had left…when she appeared to be, at least in Judah’s eyes, “The Ultimate Son-Killer.”

So Judah’s intentions were to get Tamar out of sight and out of mind…and to spare this last son’s life.

Years later, Judah’s wife also died when the boy Shelah, was all grown-up…and Tamar realized that Judah was not going to be faithful to his promise to give the son …So she determinedly, took matters into her own hands.

She took off her widow’s garments and dressed up as a prostitute and lured the unsuspecting, Judah in as her “John.”

Judah, of course did not recognize Tamar as his daughter-in-law… while he was out on the prowl!! She covered her face with a veil and the two of them slept together and conceived a child.

Now 3 months later, when Tamar’s parents discovered that she was pregnant and the gossip and the public shame came upon her and her family, Judah was probably pleased…because he could be released from his promise to Tamar.

There would be no further obligation upon his son, Shelah to marry her.

So Judah demands that Tamar be burned for her sin of whoredom!!


When Tamar finally told Judah the truth about her pregnancy, he was shamefully, forced to repent and acknowledge his wrongdoing, publicly.

Tamar gave birth to Judah’s twin sons, Perez and Zerah…it is Perez, through whom King David, the son of Jesse, later descends.

Therefore, Jesus, being a descending son of David, is a descendant from the bloodline of Judah and his daughter-in-law, Tamar.

Now, one of the things that I find most interesting about this story is all the effort that the father, Judah went through in order to spare his last son from death, where in contrast, Our Father, God gave his First and Only Son, Jesus…to die for our sins.

In the end…Judah was blessed to become an earthly father to Jesus, although he was quite an imperfect character…And We all are imperfect people, sinners saved by grace, who have fallen short of the Glory of God.

But God is Faithful…and just as he sent a son to redeem Judah, He also sent His Son, to redeem Us!!

Praise God for the gift of Salvation, through Jesus Christ.

Until Tomorrow,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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