Torment- Disguised as Comfort!!

-But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented and troubled him. Saul’s servants said to him, Behold, an evil spirit from God torments you-(1 Samuel 16:14)

Hey Neighbor,

We had a Great Time in Bible Study this Tuesday Night. We talked about the heartache of spending the Holidays, separated from our loved ones, due to past hurts…but We also know that Jesus can Heal Us EVERYWHERE We Hurt!!

Here’s Our Lesson…

In Genesis 27:1, We meet Isaac, the son of Abraham. Isaac has now reached old age. He has gone blind and is preparing to die and leave an inheritance- the double portion blessing- to his elder, and favorite son, Esau.

If you Recall our lesson on the ‘Prince that Wrestled with God,’
Esau and Jacob were twin brothers.
(You can go back and check it out on the blog, when you’re done here)

-Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. And Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison: but Rebekah loved Jacob-

(Genesis 25:27)

So when We meet the two brothers, We learn that Esau is out in the field, hunting for deer, because his father, Isaac had made a special meal request, before he proceeds to give Esau the blessing.

But we also find Rebekah, Isaac’s Wife, ‘ear hustling’…She overhears the conversation between Isaac and Esau and devises a plan to prevent Isaac from giving the blessing to Esau – Her husband’s favorite son…because she wants Isaac to give the blessing to Jacob – her favorite son.

So she tells Jacob to bring her two young goats (kids), so that she can cook them and season them up…disguising them to taste like the deer meat. She realizes that her time is limited to set the wicked plot in motion, because Esau will be returning with the deer…and will come in and quickly get setup to prepare it-just the way Isaac likes it.

So she goes to Esau’s closet, grabbing his very best suit…after all, receiving the blessing was cause for celebration.
(Of Course I realize there were no closets…nor suits, back then…lol)

So Rebekah tells Jacob to put on Esau’s suit, because…Although Isaac has gone blind, his sense of smell is acute…therefore, Jacob had better smell like Esau, if he planned to be successful.

Now, this Mother-Son plot involved great deception…they would send him into Isaac’s bedroom, carrying the meal that Rebekah had prepared and seasoned to perfection, with Jacob…dressed up like Esau!!

The only problem was…Esau was a hairy man…and Jacob was not. So Jacob, feared that his father would ask to touch him. So his mother, placed the skins of the goats on Jacob’s hands and his neck, to establish a rough, hairy feel and texture…then she sent him in to Isaac…disguised as Esau!!

So Isaac Tests Jacob…

Isaac eats the Meal…and it passes his taste test.

Isaac feels Jacob’s kid-skin clad hands…and they pass the touch test.

Isaac hugs and kisses Jacob, clad in Esau’s garments…and Jacob passes the smell test.

And although Jacob’s voice does not pass the sound test…Isaac proceeds to bless him anyway, placing his right hand upon his head…and giving him the double portion of the abundant blessings that he, Isaac, had inherited from his own father, Abraham…

But no sooner than Jacob leaves out, Esau comes in, fulfilling the special request, ready to feed his father the well-prepared deer. Esau is now ready to receive his rightful blessing…but he is only met with disappointment and heartbreak when he learns that Jacob has once again, tricked him…and has now stolen his blessing and his identity!!

So Esau mourns bitterly before his father, but he comforts himself in his heart with a plot to kill his brother, after their father dies.

When Rebekah learns of Esau’s plan, she gives Jacob fair warning and sends him away to her brother, Laban’s house in Padan-aram to escape the wrath of Esau.

The Scripture says that:
-Rebekah sent for Jacob her younger son and said to him, See here, your brother Esau comforts himself concerning you [by intending] to kill you-
(Genesis 27:42)

Now this statement that Rebekah made to Jacob is significant, because it discloses a spiritual truth about the broken fellowship between the two brothers.

Yes!! Jacob did cheat and deceive Esau, terribly…and so did his mother, but Esau was also deceived by a spirit of Revenge.

Notice that the scripture shows Us how this spirit of revenge came in, disguising itself as…Comfort.


When the actual, truth is…that it slithered in, as a tormenting spirit to continually trouble Esau, by stirring up the offense of the deception that he experienced…over and over again, in Esau’s mind…causing the feelings of hurt and bitterness to remain fresh, and brand-new…and not permitting Esau to heal, emotionally.

This spirit was successfully, able to trick Esau into believing that if killed his brother..,then he would be vindicated… And all the wrongs done to him would be made right.

I am amazed at how tightly Esau held on to this false-comfort…for twenty years.

Verse 44 tells Us that even Rebekah thought that Esau’s fury towards Jacob would only last for a few days. She believed Esau’s feelings of hatred and anger would subside, shortly…but it was not so… that Spirit of Revenge lurked about and lingered, hanging-on to Esau for 20 years.

And yet, I was more amazed when I read how Esau ran to his brother Jacob, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him, and wept when they finally met up again, at the end of the 20 year separation.

But… Look at how long the spirit of Revenge had prolonged the separation and prevented this beautiful reunion between two brothers…locking out forgiveness and keeping peace from coming in and healing their hearts and minds.

Esau was tormented by a Spirit of Revenge.

Jacob was tormented also…by a Spirit of fear.

And Here’s My Question, Today…

Is there a spirit tormenting you??

Is it Troubling You and hindering You from Your joyous reunion between You and Your loved-ones??…and all the while…disguising itself…as Comfort!!

Why Comfort??

Because the devil deceives us into believing that it feels good for us to stay mad at the ones that have hurt us.

He tricks us into believing that we have the offender locked up and bound in a cage of Guilt and Shame because of their sin…

When the truth is…We are the ones bound…wrapped-up and tied-up in the Cage of Unforgiveness!!

But Here’s the Great News…

If You have accepted Jesus Christ, The Son of God, as Your Personal Savior, He’s already forgiven You AND Set You Free!

-So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free. –
(John 8:36)

So…Break-out of Your Cage, Today by Forgiving Your Brother or Sister…Then You CAN Release Yourself from that Tormenting Spirit, that has beguiled you for so long… dressed up as Comfort.

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Until Tomorrow…Remember,

God Loves You and So Do I!!



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