What Will You Give Jesus…This Christ-Mas??

-For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?-
(Matthew 16:26)

Hey Neighbor,

I Love It When God is doing something New!! Don’t You??

I Wrote a Poem to Jesus!!

It’s my Christ-Mas gift to Him.

Here’s the New Poem…

-He talked with his Father saying…Yes, I Will Go!!
Sent to Us as a gift, wrapped in swaddling clothes
The Shepherds, by night, were the first ones to hear
The Angels lullaby to the baby so dear
The Wise Men had come, they had traveled afar
Guided to that Sweet Babe, by a great Eastern star
He laid in the manger, receiving His guests
With gifts they adored Him, bringing their best
He grew up in The Lord, with plans for the Lost
He had come to save sinners, his life paid the cost
He went down in the Jordan, He was baptized in Love
Holy Spirit came upon him – just like a Dove
He went to the wilderness, He fasted and prayed
Preparing Himself for that last evil day.
He walked all about, healing sick and the lame
If asked to die for your sins, I could not do the same.
He sweated blood in the garden, as He prayed for God’s Will
My sins were before Him – His life paid my bill.
That day…Was it really so evil at all??
God had planned it ahead, knowing that Man would Fall.
He came to die on the cross, for a wretch, just like me
Hung His head and He died – He was nailed to the tree
What can I give Jesus for His great sacrifice??
I can give Him My soul…I Will give Him My Life!!

What Will You Give Jesus…This Christ-Mas??

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2 thoughts on “What Will You Give Jesus…This Christ-Mas??

  1. Dorthy Donaby; says:

    I dont feel worthy of all He has done for me but thinking further I can show lovr to my brother and sisters regardless just as He commande


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