The CHRIST-MAS Blame Game – I Blame👉 Jesus!!

Hey Neighbor,

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Look Who’s Playing the Blame Game Today…On Christ-Mas Day…

I Am!!

I Blame Jesus for Victory!!

Here’s the Poem…

God sent His only Son here to earth
I blame the Virgin Mary, the girl who gave birth.
Her husband wondered how’d the conception come about.
I blame the young father Joseph for doubt.

He said it’s okay to take Mary to wife.
The Baby’s the resurrection and life.
He was Sent here to us, to light up the world.
I blame the Angel, Gabriel for the truth he unfurled.

In the City of David, in a manger He laid
It was from a trough, that the manger was made.
Since there was no room for them in the inn…
I blame Adam and Eve, in the Garden for sin.

With the baby, they ran to Egypt to flee.
To escape the wicked King’s death decree.
The warning had come from the angel they met.
I blame King Herod for his devilish threat.

They returned to Nazareth, still safe and yet sound.
He grew into a man and disciples He found.
There was Peter and Matthew, among those on the list…
But I blame Judas Iscariot for his treacherous kiss.

Jesus became accursed, as He died on the tree.
For those reckless sins, I blame you…also me.
He defeated death, hell and the grave.
It was for our lives, He came here to save.
We were guilty, convicted and destined to die…
But I blame the Serpent, The father of lies
If Adam can blame God, because in Eden he sinned.
I can blame Jesus Christ for the VICTORY – WE WIN!!

It’s Jesus’ Birthday…so be sure to light His candles and sing Happy Birthday to Our Savior!!

Merry Christmas!!

God Loves You and So Do I!!



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