The Spirit is Willing – But Our Flesh is Weak!!

-Keep awake and watch and pray [constantly], that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak-
(Mark 14:38)

Hey Neighbor,

Did You Miss Me??…Because I Missed You!!
I have not shared a Message with You since Monday.

First of All…I would like to apologize to You. I’ve had a full plate this week…and so I thought, maybe I just needed to get some rest…and I did!!

However, I spoke to a friend today, who looks forward to receiving the ‘Daily Tam’ and has been missing the Message over the last 3 days. He reminded me that, although God rested on the Sabbath…Jesus did not…He was out there healing!!

Thanks Flem!!😉

And Flem is right…Jesus was very active and alert on the Sabbath. He was up…awake, and out Healing the sick, like the Man with the withered hand.

It was that same Sabbath evening, when Jesus, still working, after He had spent most of the day teaching the parables…Attempted to take a nap in the boat, but He was awakened by His disciples to rebuke both the wind and the sea.

Have You ever noticed that only time the bible mentions that Jesus slept was when He was asleep in the boat, during that same storm in Mark 4:38.

…And the only time the Bible mentions Jesus resting was at Jacob’s well in Samaria…still He continued to work, healing broken hearts and saving souls, as the Samaritan Woman brought many from her village to come to see Jesus.

Even as Jesus sits, finally…Right Now…at the right hand of God, the Father, He is still working, as He pleads and intercedes unto God…for Us!!

So I am apologizing…for my sitting down on God…Who never sits down on me!!

God is the One Who Fills my plate…with goodness…and He equips me with His grace, through Jesus Christ, to resist the evil portions, piled onto my plate by the enemy!!

I thank God that my Spirit…God’s Holy Spirit…living on the inside of me…is Always willing…even when my flesh…my body…my mind, will, and my emotions become Weak!!

I Thank God For You…And We Will Be Amazed at God Together in 2015.

God Loves You and So Do I!!



2 thoughts on “The Spirit is Willing – But Our Flesh is Weak!!

  1. Our flesh is weak but with God anything can be strengthened. I am very thankful to God for Jesus and his amazing grace and mercy. Pray whole heartedly, believe and have Faith in God. There’s no issue to big for our God.

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