Get to Know Jesus…He Really Cares About You!!

-Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.-
(1 Peter 5:7)

Hey Neighbor,

In Our last lesson, We discussed how Jesus rarely got a chance to rest and/or sleep and yet…We find His disciples urgently, waking Him, when Jesus had finally, fallen asleep in the boat in Mark 4:35-41.

The disciples deemed their circumstance, urgent, as they found themselves terribly afraid of the storm that had blown in. As the waves of the sea beat into their boat, they feared they would be drowned.

Although they were not really sure of what Jesus would do, after they woke him, or if He could even do much more than pray to God for their safety, they cried out to Jesus!!

They couldn’t understand how Jesus could sleep so peacefully through this tumultuous storm, while they panicked, fully expecting to go down with the boat…They questioned Jesus…asking Him if He even cared that they were about to perish??

Sure…in very recent times, they had seen Jesus show his concern for complete strangers, who had come to Him, seeking His Mercy and Forgiveness.

They had even seen Jesus bestow His Loving Care upon foreigners, with His healing touch.

Yet and Still, they doubted Jesus’ Care and Concern for them…His own Disciples, who had been Jesus’ Closest Friends!!

How Could they fail to Trust Jesus to Protect Them, when He Loved them and had spent the greatest portion of His time with them, during the past three years.


Yet…regardless of how tired He may have been and despite the disciples lack of Faith in Him, Jesus immediately arose to tend to the storm, and to show His Care and Concern for His friends.

After rebuking the Wind and the Sea, Jesus asked the disciples why they were so fearful and where was their faith in Him??

The Disciples never answered Jesus’ question…But notice the question that they asked amongst themselves.

They questioned Who Jesus was…What Man is This that…when He Speaks…even the sea and the winds obey Him??

The same wind, which had been blowing as furiously as a hurricane, suddenly ceased to a calm of perfect peacefulness…just because Jesus Spoke.

Isn’t it interesting that after 3+ years with Jesus, the disciples still did not truly, realize that Jesus was The Son of God…having All the Power of God, because He was God, manifested!!

The disciples didn’t really believe Jesus when He spoke to them, telling them that they were going to safely, crossover to the other side of the Lake, because when the Storm blew in…and fear accompanied…they doubted Jesus and began to panic.

They doubted Jesus and His Power because, they didn’t really know Jesus.

But…the Wind knew Jesus…and obeyed Him!!

And…The Sea knew Jesus…and obeyed Him!!

So my question today is…Do We Fail to obey Jesus, because We don’t Really, know Him??

Are We like the disciples, hanging out with Jesus, walking and talking with Him everyday…listening to His teachings and hearing His stories, but when the furious winds of life’s circumstances blow in…We too, find ourselves asking Him…
‘Jesus, Do You Care if I Perish??’

1 Peter tells Us That…

God Is not asleep on the job, but He has His eyes on Us; looking out for Us and He affectionately, Cares about Us and All the things that We are Concerned about.

That’s – All of Your trials and All of Your troubles!!

Thank God We can open Our Bibles and Read God’s Word and He confirms His Love and Concern for Us with the scriptures.

And the more We read and study God’s Word…The More We Really, Get to Know Jesus!!

…And as We learn more, and more about Jesus, We grow to love Him…and We want to obey Him!!

…And We learn to trust Him, with more certainty, believing that He Loves Us and Cares For Us!!

So then…when Jesus Speaks…

We recognize His voice, and We find that Our spirits can settle-down and rest in His perfect peacefulness.

So regardless of how furiously the winds of circumstance are blowing in Your Life,
Believe what Jesus Says…

Confidently, Cast Your Cares on Him…

Trust and Obey Him!!

Because, Jesus Really Cares About You!!

And Remember…

God Loves You and So Do I!!


I am still, fully expecting for Us to be Amazed at God, together in 2015!!

How are You Getting to Know God??

Let Me know…Leave a comment…or send me an email to ttwear@gmail.com.

Hey!!…Thanks so Much for Reading…And if You’ve Enjoyed – Don’t forget to share the CareBibleStudy Blog with Your Friends and Loved Ones!!


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