Wanted – Moses, a Fugitive From Justice!!

-When Pharaoh heard of it, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from Pharaoh’s presence and took refuge in the land of Midian, where he sat down by a well-
(Exodus 2:15)

On Monday, We talked about several Bible characters who were imperfect beings, who had lived imperfect lives…like Us!!

Now, the only reason that We have heard and read about their life stories is because they eventually cooperated with God…Allowing Him to transform them into New Men and Women.

Let’s look at Moses…A stuttering boy, who was adopted by a rich family. Moses believed that he was above the Law and he grew up to become a murderer and a fugitive from Justice!!

Here is Part 1 of Moses’ Story…

Sure…We have All been taught the Sunday School Lesson about how Moses’ mother placed her baby boy into a basket of papyrus and sent him floating down the Nile River, where Pharoah’s daughter took mercy on the Hebrew child and adopted Moses as her own.

Although Moses was raised-up as a Royal Egyptian Son, he was very much aware of his ethnicity. He was born Hebrew and he realized that his ‘people’ were being oppressed and enslaved under the authority of His adopted Family, Pharoah…yet he felt great compassion for his Hebrew brethren.

Moses was a full-grown Man when one day, he saw an Egyptian soldier beating one of his Hebrew brothers and Moses killed the Egyptian. Now, when We read Chapter 2 and Verse 12 of Exodus, it is clear that Moses did not just ‘snap,’ misjudging his strength and before he knew what he had done…the Egyptian was dead on the ground.

Moses had gone out with the purpose of seeing the oppression of his Hebrew brothers. Now, when he saw the Egyptian was beating the Hebrew man, Moses made a decision to stop the Egyptian from physically abusing his brother.

Scripture tells us that Moses had a plan…to make sure that the coast was clear and that no one was watching, as he looked to left… and then to the right, before he struck the Egyptian down.

Scripture does not say whether or not Moses had to drag the body away, but it does tell Us that Moses hid the Man’s body and buried him in the sand.

I wonder if Moses had trouble sleeping that night, after having killed the Egyptian in cold-blood? Either way…He got up the next morning…as if nothing had happened and went out, again to look upon his people.

On this day, he saw two of His Hebrew brothers quarreling and fighting. Moses was disturbed at their disloyalty for one another and when he jumped in to break up the fight, Moses asked the aggressor, “Why are You striking Your comrade?”

I’m sure Moses was shocked to hear the response of the aggressor, who said, “Do You intend to kill Me as You killed the Egyptian?”

So Moses’ secret had been uncovered and he was afraid. Although he had been very careful to be sure that there were no Egyptian witnesses to the murder, he did not foresee that his Hebrew brothers would “snitch.”

When Pharoah received the report, He sent his troops to arrest Moses, but Moses ran from the police. Moses was subject to receive the death penalty, according to the law…so he escaped from Egypt and became a fugitive from Justice for forty years.


The Only thing I can say is…But God!!

Thank God that When We Finally stop running away from Him, and Run to Jesus…

He ‘Just-if-ies’ Us – It’s ‘Just-as if-I’ had never sinned!!

Come back Tomorrow…As We will see how God Transforms Moses and ‘Just-if-ies’ him…making him fit and ready to serve as a ‘deliverer’ to His Hebrew brethren.

Until Tomorrow,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Don’t Forget to Be a Blessing and Share the CareBibleStudy Blog with Your Neighbors – As You Love Them As Yourself!!


2 thoughts on “Wanted – Moses, a Fugitive From Justice!!

  1. Pat Burke says:

    We are so evil & selfish in the flesh. Without Christ hate can take over our lives . Not enough to just know about Christ , but to know His love & power . I know theirs nothing good in me without Christ .


  2. Well surly running away from an issue that lies within us is never the answer because what is in us goes with us. So, I agree with us needing to run to God because he is the answer. Whatever the need he can and will provide it. Key word being Need. Spreading the love of God is my goal. Until next time I pray that you spread unconditional love.


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