Wanted – Moses, A Fugitive From Justice!! Part 2

-And Moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burned. And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the midst of the bush and said, Moses, Moses! And he said, Here am I-
(Exodus 3:3-4)

Hey Neighbor,

Today We are continuing with Part 2 of God’s transformation of Moses-
From Lawbreaker to Lawgiver.

Here’s the Story…

So Moses was a Fugitive from Justice…seeking Refuge in Midian. Pharaoh had placed a warrant out for Moses’ arrest for the pre-meditated murder of an Egyptian taskmaster.

Now Moses was about 40 years old when he arrived in Midian, where he spent another 40 years as a humbled sheep herder, until God called his Name at the Burning Bush; and authorized the now, 80+ year old Moses to return to Egypt.

How interesting that 40 years prior, Moses had decided, of his own accord, that HE was deemed fit and ready to put an end to the burdensome oppression of his brethren in Egypt…But God said, “NO!”

God’s Timing is not Our Timing!!

God lead Moses into the wilderness and in those 40 years, had transformed him from a ‘Proud Prince’ to a poor, meek, and lowly shepherd. Instead of Moses being the ‘hot-headed’ head of Egypt…he was now a servant on the back side of the desert.

God had taught Moses how to be the shepherd of his father-in law, Jethro’s sheep, in preparation for the next 40 years that Moses would spend as shepherd of his Father, God’s sheep…the Israelites.

So when God Spoke to Moses at the burning bush, Moses was afraid and hid his face. God told Moses that he was no longer wanted in Egypt for Murder and that He was Now, according to God’s timing, ready to return.

Moses was not excited about God’s bright idea (🔥fire…bright..lol!!), so he told God that He had chosen the wrong guy. He explained to God how he was not able to speak eloquently and that He was slow of speech, with a heavy and awkward tongue.

This excuse, amongst all the others, was not acceptable to God. God encouraged Moses, as He promised him that He would be with him as he approached Pharaoh’s throne. God told Moses that there was no need to fear for lack of words, because He would be ‘with his mouth,’ teaching him what words to say as he spoke to Pharaoh.

God was not pleased with Moses’ reluctance. God had spent 40 years familiarizing Moses with the back side of the desert; preparing Moses for this very task.
There in the Wilderness, God had deemed him fit. No more excuses…Now was the time!!

No…Moses, although hand picked by God, had not been ready to lead at age 40, but now…God had made him ready and equipped him to lead His people, Israel, out of Egypt by the means of a fresh, meek and humble spirit vs. the aggressive and violent spirit that had previously plagued Moses.

God continued to encourage Moses, as He told him that He would also teach him what to do, before the Israelites to gain their trust. God had taught Moses how to use his staff as a comforting guide to the sheep…now God would use this same rod to produce miracles, that would gain Moses the trust of his brothers, causing them to believe him and hearken unto Moses, as their Shepherd.

And so Moses, still reluctant, but Obedient, returned to Egypt as God had commanded. He was a New Man, having been transformed by God in the Wilderness.

Indeed Moses did deliver the Israelites from their slavery and captivity, putting an end to Pharaoh’s burdensome oppression of God’s Sheep in Egypt…but it was not done by Moses’ might or power, but because Moses cooperated with God…God used Moses, His Word, and a humble shepherd’s staff…transformed into the ‘Rod of God.’

God is Still Amazing Us!!

How is God Transforming You – Making You Useable??

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God Loves You and So Do I!!


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