Bible Brain Teaser # 3 – Answers??

Hey Neighbor,

This Bible Brain Teaser Boggled My Brain!!


I Spent Most of My Sunday Afternoon and Monday trying to figure it out…and as You can see, I only found 58 of the 59!!

What Am I Missing??

1) Samuel

2) Leviticus (Levit. I customized )

3) Mark (remarks) or (Denmark)

4) Exodus (complex. Odus)

5) Song of Solomon (song of songs)

6) Acts (acts)

7) Luke (lukewarm)

8) Kings (looking so)

9 & 10) Job and Obadiah (job. A Diahann)

11) Amos (a most)

12) Hebrews (The Brewster’s)

13) Philemon (Francophile Monastery)

14) Genesis (Eugene, Sister)

15, 16, 17) John (Gospel) and 1John and

3John – (Johnson)

18) Romans (Romanshire)

19) Corinthians (Corinth. I answered)

20) Proverbs (pro! Verbs)

21) Psalms (tips, alms)

22) Jude (Judea.)

23) Timothy,

24) Titus (that it usually)

25) Galatians, 26) Colossians,

27) Thessalonians, 28) Ephesians (Ephesian site)

29) Haggai (Hag gained)

30) Philippians (“Philipp,” I answered)

31) James (jam, especially)

32) Ezra ( pez, rabbi )

33) Isaiah (Lisa. I, ah)

34) Hosea (those aren’t)

35) Joel (Joe, let)

36) Numbers (number should)

37) Micah (Endemic a holy)

38) Nahum (persona, humble)

39) Jeremiah (Jere, MIA He)

40) Lamentations

41) Malachi (from a Lachish)

42) Nehemiah (One hemi-Ahmadiyan)

43) Esther (Muslim was there) or (best her paper)

44) Matthew (Jerusalem, at the world’s)

45) Revelation

46) Peter (“nope, terminate)

47) Ruth ( “It’s the truth)

48) Chronicles (chronicle. She)

49) Jonah (Jo. Nahant)

50) Joshua (Jo. Shu, an)

51) Daniel (Dan, I eliminated)

52) Ezekiel (freeze!” “Kiel)

53) Deuteronomy (deuteron.” “O, my)

54) Judges

55) Zechariah (froze! “Chari! Ahoy)

56) Ecclesiastes (Eccles. I, as tester)

57) Zephaniah ( Zeph, a NIA hand-picked)

58) Habakkuk (H.A. Bakk, Ukrainian)

We’re You able to Find All 59??

…Then, Please Leave A Reply and Clue myself and Your CareBibleStudy Friends in on what We’ve Missed!!

Until Tomorrow,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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6 thoughts on “Bible Brain Teaser # 3 – Answers??

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no Jonah, is there Jonah? + there is only 2 Johns which count and you didn’t add Ephesians. Did you ever find Jonah plsss


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