The Holy Spirit is Awesome!! – Writing My Brother’s Obituary (Part 2)


Today’s Message:

Confirmation That The Holy Spirit Was There…Writing My Brother’s Obituary

Hey Neighbor,


I had never been to a Memorial Service before and really didn’t know what to expect. The clubhouse at My Aunt Jean’s Retirement Community Center, in Rialto was beautifully decorated.  The food was being prepared in the kitchen and the people were streaming in…greeting one another and making their way to their seats.

However…there was no body…no casket…nor was there an urn filled with my Brother’s ashes.  Other than family, I didn’t know or recognize any of the faces in the room. Feeling sort of lost…I sat there looking at the different faces, wondering what was their relationship to my brother.  Tony had lived in Rialto for about 7 years and so I wondered whether these unidentified faces were Tony’s friends, neighbors or maybe his co-workers.

By Now…The Holy Spirit was urging me to get up to go find out who these people were…and so I reluctantly, obeyed.

I was not sure what I was going to say, as I approached a lovely couple that had been sitting quietly….about three rows behind me.   I introduced myself as Hubert’s Sister and I asked them how they had become acquainted with my brother.  They began to tell Me that they were My Brother’s customers from Coco’s…the restaurant where he worked. They went on to tell me about how they had gone into the restaurant and had requested to be seated in Tony’s section, as they did usually, when one of the female employees began to tell them that Hubert had passed away, as she pointed to the Memorial that Management had setup for Tony, near the store entrance.

The gentleman’s wife went on to express how she and her husband had loved to dine in Tony’s seating area at Coco’s and she remarked about how cheerful Tony was…with his bright smile and those big eyes.

Now if You’ve already read Tony’s Obituary in Yesterday’s Message…You would understand why I was standing there with my jaw dropped… listening to her story about My Brother…thinking to myself, “NO WAY…That’s what I wrote in his Obit!”

You See…I didn’t really know much about where My Brother had worked, prior to his death.  I wasn’t even completely sure of the name of the Restaurant.  So while I was writing the obituary, I had called my Aunt Dorothy, who filled me in, giving me the full name of the restaurant.  She had also told me that Tony was a Waiter at Coco’s, because I wasn’t sure if he was the cook or if he was a waiter…I just knew that he loved waiting tables.

So…I was  just standing there, listening in awe, as these people confirmed with their mouths…words that I thought that I had written.  I’m certain they didn’t realize it…but they were confirming information for me that I was not privy to.  I had never visited Tony at any of his job locations, even when he had worked at home in Illinois.  When I wrote the obit,  I really could only imagine that Tony was good at his job and that he must have had a good report with his customers and that he had acquired ‘regulars,’ after having been with the company for over 6 years.

I was AMAZED!!

As I continued to ‘work the room’…ALL of the ladies I spoke with went on and on about Tony being a ‘real’ gentleman and about how handsome He was…but these elderly ladies also went on and on about how helpful Tony was…whether they needed a piece of furniture moved in their apartment or needed something cleaned-up.

They also mentioned how Tony would not accept any payment or tip for his service to them…Tony just wanted to help!!


So I’m sitting down by now, amazed with yet More confirmation of the Words…that I, again…thought that I had written!!

When the Service had finally begun, each person that wanted to share their stories about Tony was allotted 2 minutes to speak.  I was very touched by the testimonies, but there was one in particular that left me astounded….

As one of the Pastor’s began to speak about My Brother…he talked about how He would pull in through the gates, park his car and begin to unload his groceries, when Tony would hurry over to help him to carry his groceries inside.  I thought Wow!!

Again…Words that I thought that I had written!!

That was when I realized that The Holy Spirit had been there with Me All along through this entire thing!!

He had Comforted Me…when the tears wouldn’t stop flowing!!

He had Counseled Me…when I couldn’t understand the sudden loss!!

He had Helped Me…to set things in order and  get my tail in gear to California!!

He had been my Advocate…speaking for Me when I didn’t know what to say!!

He Interceded on my behalf…as He brought peace between My Brother and I before He passed away!!

He Strengthened me…when I was too weak to Stand!!

He was there All ALONG…Standing By Me…and when my word’s were not sufficient…He was there…substituted His Words for Mine…As He Wrote My Brother’s Obituary, for the Glory of God!!

I Praise God For His Holy Spirit!!

Thanks For  Stopping By, Neighbor,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Hey Neighbor…Don’t forget to share the CareBibleStudy blog with Your Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and Neighbors – Loving Them as You Love Yourself!!




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