Healing Hands!!

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I was flipping through the channels the other night, when I saw a young couple sitting together in their doctor’s office holding their little baby and the doctor sitting with them preparing them for horrific news in regards to the fate of their little baby, who had been rejecting food of any type including formula. The parents were extremely concerned and had requested that the doctor quickly run every test possible to find out why and treat the baby. Unfortunately the doctor had discovered that the problem was that the baby had a rare liver enzyme that was not treatable. He was sitting there with the couple in his office trying to figure out how to tell this young couple to take their baby home to die. This was during the Christmas holidays, so the couple had decided to wait to tell the other family members about the tragic findings until after Christmas. Now on Christmas evening, the baby’s uncle was awakened by a voice that told him to get up and go to his brother’s house to lay hands on the baby’s stomach and pray for that baby. Long Story Short….he was obedient! He had gotten out of bed, gotten dressed and surprised his brother and sister-in-law with his late evening visit, asking to spend some time alone with his niece. They agreed and he held the baby, sang to the baby, and finally laid her down on the couch. He then placed his hands on her little stomach and prayed for her to be able to eat and for insides to function properly. It wasn’t until the next morning when the wife screamed out for the husband that he found his wife and baby in the nursery together and their baby girl was nursing. God had sent this man to pray for this sweet child, he was obedient and God had healed her. Wow!! But what happens if God awakens you with directions to go and pray for the most treacherous, heartless person that you know of?? Will you be obedient?? Do you think that you could actually leave your home, enter that persons door who you despise passionately, and lay hands on him and pray for healing and blessings?

Well let’s take a look at Ananias…a man who was called to do just so…He was instructed by God to go and pray for Mr. Persecutor, himself- Saul of Tarsus!!

In our next Lesson, We will look at Acts 9:1-22 To Learn more about This Persecutor of Saints and the Disciple called to Lay healing hands on such a sinner.

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