Trivia Thursday- Who is God’s Prophet??

Hey Neighbor!

Today is Trivia Thursday and our question for today is: ‘Who is God’s prophet?’

Well, How do We know when a prophet has come forth with an authentic Word from the Lord?

Well, before We search out Our answers, let’s define the word ‘prophet.’

A prophet is a spokesperson for God.

God can use an individual as his vessel or mouthpiece to communicate a message to His people or even to communicate a message against another group of people. The prophet communicates this message from God’s very own heart as to direct Us or to redirect Our paths.

You may be very familiar with certain prophets from the Bible such as Moses, Jeremiah, and/or Samuel. Each of these individuals served as a walking, talking ‘mouthpiece’ for God.

In Deuteronomy 18:18, God speaks to Moses, saying:

I will raise up for them a prophet (Prophet) from among their brethren like you, and will put My words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I command him.

In Jeremiah: 1:9, God speaks to Jeremiah:

Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me, Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.

In 1 Samuel, 4:1, we read:

AND THE word of [the Lord through] Samuel came to all Israel.

So, As We can see- based upon these scriptures, each of these prophets were used to speak for God, often foretelling events by divine inspiration.

But here again- How will We know for sure that God has sent His prophet to Us?

How do We know if one who comes speaking a message – ‘in the Name of the Lord’- is a legitimate prophet?

Well, take Your time and read through Deuteronomy, Jeremiah, and/or Samuel. You may also find evidence to support Your answer by reading through other prophetic books- like Daniel, and/or Isaiah- who both also served as prophetic mouthpieces for God.

As You search for Your answers, try to refrain from allowing Your electronic devices to do Your homework. Hopefully, you will be diligent in Your own search and realize that it can be great fun to study the Word for Yourself.

Thanks for stopping by today and please leave Your answers in the comments section below!

I will provide answers on next Monday.

Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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