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Super Faith Sunday Challenge- Who is She??

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s Super Faith Sunday, where we feature Our ‘Female of the Week’ from the Bible. 

Although We didn’t share a Super Faith Challenge Last Sunday, We did feature the stories of two Young Ladies from the Book of Genesis; Dinah and Tamar

Their stories were tragic and they quickly disappeared from the story, but God had placed them there on the pages, so that their names would never disappear from our hearts. Bible readers throughout history and time have read and will continue to read their stories and Remember the names: Dinah and Tamar!!

We’re still in the Book of Genesis, with a few more ladies to acknowledge.  Again we want to give them their flowers, while we’re here with them, in their Book and Chapter. 

Remember Our Super Faith Female may not have possessed extraordinary physical strength, but she could pin you to the mat in a round of Faith!! 

She refused to give up!!  

She tightly grasped onto God’s Promises and Pressed on to the very end!!

She Fought the Good Fight of Faith!! 

Here is Our Super Faith Female- Who is She??


She had been barren for 20 years of their marriage, but after much prayer, God blessed her with not 1 but 2 sons who contended with one another. She brought her issues before God and believed His message – that her weaker son would champion the stronger.  She refused to accept anything less for him- pressing forward on his behalf until the very last day that she saw her beloved son. 


Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun!! 

I will post Answers for You on Tuesday.


Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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3 thoughts on “Super Faith Sunday Challenge- Who is She??

  1. Thank You so Much! I am delighted that the Holy Spirit used me to share this message. Please Share Abundantly and Yes it is indeed a blessing to sit at the feet of a Woman of Wisdom!!😘


  2. Great post to read this morning. I am going to share this with some younger women of faith. I am in the older catagory and meet once a week with 7 other older women. Our heart is for the younger ones. How I was blessed to have some older women to mentor me when I got saved at 35. Again, good post.

    Liked by 1 person

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