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Super Faith Sunday Challenge- Who is She??

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s 3/20/2022 and It’s Super Faith Sunday where We feature Our ‘Faith-full’ Female of the Week from the Bible. 

Rebekah was our featured female this past week. She was Isaac’s beloved wife and the Mother to Esau and Jacob, the twins who struggled in her womb for the birthright and for God’s blessing! Rebekah boldly sided against her husband and fought on Jacob’s behalf and Won!!  

Now we are still in the Book of Genesis where we are spotlighting another ‘faith-full’ female in the Bible who had been dealt a difficult hand in life, but she did not throw her cards in, nor did she give-up!! 

She fought the Good Fight of Faith!! 

Here is Today’s Super Faith Female: 

Who is She??


Her husband was an elderly Hebrew man who had no son. He brought her back from Egypt and she became his secondary wife, and she gave birth to his first son, She was beaten and mistreated by her husband’s first wife, who eventually kicked her out of the house- along with her young son.  But she spoke to God about her troubles, and He saw her, heard her, and paid attention to her afflictions. God spared her son in the wilderness and promised to multiply him exceedingly. She chose to believed God’s Word on behalf of her son, and God came through!! 


Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun!! 

I will post Answers for You on Tuesday.


Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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