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Super-Faith Sunday Challenge 3/27 – Who is She??

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s 3/27/2022 and It’s Super Faith Sunday!!

Now we are still in the Book of Genesis where we are spotlighting another ‘faith-full’ female in the Bible who had been dealt a difficult hand in life, but she did not throw her cards in, nor did she give-up!! 

She fought the Good Fight of Faith!! 

Here is Today’s Super Faith Female: 

Who is She??


She was the first born daughter to her sheep herding father. Tradition was such that the first born daughter was to marry prior to the younger, but she was hindered – possibly because she was not a very beautiful girl.  Her kinsmen took her to wife, but not by choice!!

He also took a second wife, who became her adversary. She was envied by her adversary – who was very beautiful, but she was barren!! 

She tried in vain to win the love of her husband by bearing him many sons, but it wasn’t until after she yielded and learned to Praise God, that the Lord restored her position as the primary wife. 

No!! – She had not been the preferred wife, but she was the wife who was chosen by God!! 

The Lord caused her latter years to be better than her former. God nurtured her spiritual beauty and He blessed her – even in death- as her ashes lie beside her beloved husband’s in their burying place. 


Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun!! 

I will post Answers for You on Tuesday.


Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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10 thoughts on “Super-Faith Sunday Challenge 3/27 – Who is She??

  1. Yes!! Mr Mutumbu👏👏👏You got it!! 💕The Lord has given me an ease when teaching or speaking in ‘story mode’ and I am very grateful. I love God’s Word and I Want others to bask in The Light of Jesus!! Again-Thank You!!🙏🏾


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