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Super-Faith Sunday Answer – ‘Faith-full’ Sarah

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s Tuesday, and Today I have your Super-Faith Sunday Answer!!


Now what kind of answer do you give your husband when he wakes you up at the crack of dawn and then ushers you to quickly pack a bag and says, “Let’s go!! 

As she wipes the sleep from her barely opened eyes, she says, “Abe, Where are we going??”

We know that his Answer could have only been – “I don’t know yet, baby…but come on…let’s go!”

Now this is a really good wife right here – This Sarai!!

She could have rolled right on over and told this man to lay his crazy tail down, but instead she ‘faith-fully’ and dutifully grabs her most essential things and follows her husband. 

In Hindsight, we know that Sarai and Abram were headed to the land of Canaan, but at that time, they were leaving Haran, with no destination in mind, merely following the command of a voice that they did not recognize.

This was a new kind of ‘god’ to them- not one of their voiceless and sedentary images that they were accustomed to worshipping

This one spoke- and quite powerfully too, but not in a scary or spooky sort of way, but most emphatically!! 

God had called Abram, awakening Him with the Words, “Go!”

  • NOW [in Haran] the Lord said to Abram, Go for yourself [for your own advantage] away from your country, from your relatives and your father“s house, to the land that I will show you. (Genesis 12:1)

Now – I’m pretty sure I just heard Him say Go, but He didn’t really say- Where?? 

That’s Right!! God was doing what I call His, ‘walk by faith thing.’ In other words…

Trust My Words for now- and I will fill in the gaps later!! 

Now, These ‘Words’ were spoken to Abram- not Sarai. Of course we know Lot is just along for the ride- Now that’s another story for another day-🫖 Because Today, I am suppose to be telling You about Sarah!! 

So this ‘faith-full’ wife follows her husband…

Who is following an unknown voice…

and Lot is following them!!


But Seriously Now- Abraham has heard the voice of The One True and Living God- The God Who produced and formed the world and all things in it -The Lord of heaven and earth!!

Abraham has heard God and has believed- and because Sarah is a loving , patient, and ‘faith-full’ wife, She will follow this Man wherever His God leads him!! 

Whether it be to Egypt – Where Abe Gives her away to Pharaoh, saying “She is my sister!”

Or Whether it be to Gerar- Where once again, Abe Gives her to another king, Abimilech, saying, “She is my sister!”

Sounds like a Story we would hear about on Divorce Court- huh??

But let’s have a little Patience with Old Abe, after all- He is still following God!! 

In fact, Abe has established a relationship with God and the Two of them are bonding- although Abe makes a mess from time to time!! 

Now Sarah, is still following her husband and during those 25 years at his heels, 

She has gone along with the ‘She’s my Sister’, act!! (partially true) 

She has gone along with the name change thing!! Sarai vs Sarah!!

She has heard all the Promises!! (second-hand)

But Sarai still has had no visit from God, nor a son- as promised!!

She grew impatient, angry, disappointed, and extremely jealous because of Abe and Hagar and their son, Ishmael!!

You see…All the riches that she received in Egypt and in Gerar were not enough to fill her empty womb…Until God Shows Up for Sarah!!

Yes!! Finally! A One-on-One visit with God!! 

No!! Not with Abraham as a ‘go-between!’

God shows up in Sarah’s life and gives her His Personal Promise!! 

And unlike Abe, When God makes a Promise, He Keeps It!! 

God Gave Sarah a Son and Called Him Laughter!! 

Why Laughter??

You see when God showed up the year prior, visiting Abe, and promising him a child through Sarah…Sarah heard all these things and Laughed!! 

 -And the Lord asked Abraham, Why did Sarah laugh, saying, Shall I really bear a child when I am so old? (Genesis 18:13)

Well, Sarah denied that she Laughed!! 

After all, She was 89 years old!! 

But just one year later, God Showed and Proved Himself in Sarah’s life – breaking through her stubborn unbelief!! 

God showed Sarah that nothing is impossible with Him, and that nothing is too hard or too wonderful for the Lord!!

Sarah, like Abraham, was now a firm, and righteous believer in The Almighty God!! 

He was no longer ‘Abraham’s God,’ but He was now Sarah’s God- And That Same God called Sarah, ‘Faith-Full!!’

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And Thanks So Much for Stopping By!!

Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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8 thoughts on “Super-Faith Sunday Answer – ‘Faith-full’ Sarah

  1. The verse above just dropped in my spirit as i was reading your post.
    We have great lessons from this especially for the kingdom families.
    Some spouses are very bad at supporting each other.These are moments where you really need each other and where “I am with you” means a lot.

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