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God’s ’Faith-full’ Princess- Rahab!!

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Today I have Your Answer to Our Super-Faith Sunday Challenge from 4/10.

This ’faith-full’ female’s name is, Rahab!!

And here is her story!!


She had quickly placed the red cord in her window- intentionally and strategically, but not for the purpose of luring a simple minded man to her ‘red light,’ near the entrance to Jericho. 

Although this same scarlet cord may have been used for a marking and as a method to render her wages for her ‘services’ in times past, it was now being re-purposed for a shield of mercy.

It was now securely hung from her window as a sign- It communicated a message to the Israelite Armies to yield and to spare only the lives of those who dwelled inside of Rahab, the harlot’s home. 

But no longer was she using her home for secluded stay to strangers, who had come seeking her sexual favors, she was now providing clandestine shelter to her family, and to her father’s household, as they desperately sought the grace and favor of the God of Heaven and Earth.

Rahab was no longer using her home as a den for sin, but now it was a safe-haven and a strong tower for the righteous!!


It had been confirmed that The Lord was about to take the city and destroy its’ inhabitants, but all who were ‘sheltered in place’ in Rahab’s house would be kept alive. Just as the first-born Israelites were saved from the death angel in Egypt.

You see, Rahab believed that the God of these Israelites, The One who had caused the waters and the waves to come crashing down upon Pharoah’s armies, would also cause the walls in Jericho to come crashing down; blotting out the lives of those who had refused to obey Him!!

But could this same God blot out the reproach and stigma of Rahab’s former disobedience??

Would she always be called ‘Rahab- the Harlot’ or could God He give her a ‘new name’ and call her a princess, like Sarah- the Mother of Nations??

Rahab chose to believe that her God was able!!

So She stretched forth her hand, and took hold to God’s – by faith, not looking back – like Lot’s wife!!

But with her eyes locked and loaded on her ‘fruit-filled’ future. 

If God was able to bring forth life from Sarah’s dead womb, He could also give her new life-burying her past sins in the rubble that had once been called, Jericho. 

I often wonder if Salmon was one of those 2 men who had come to Rahab that evening??

This we may never know, but we do know that God had transformed Rahab, and He clothed her in righteousness when she believed.

And she stretched forth her faith – putting it into action when she ’faith-fully’ delivered Joshua’s men out the treacherous hands of their pursuers.

And if Salmon had truly been one of those 2 men, hidden upon Rehab’s roof, how could he have hardened his heart against her, having seen her blind faith – Rahab believed in His God, yet she had not ‘eyed’ His marvelous works!!

Salmon would have seen Rahab’s courage, and how she confidently sided with him and his companion; showing him favor by boldly betraying her own country and thus, risking her life – for his. 

She had been his eyes and ears, as he spied out the land. Rahab was Salmon’s inside informant, providing him testimony of how the inhabitants had feared the Israelites- She was the ‘seal’ that stamped his favorable report that he had submitted to Joshua. 

Salmon’s eyes ceased to see this woman as simply a prostitute, instead…Salmon saw ‘marriage material.’

He saw a capable and industrious woman – who was by no means perfect, but who was much like the familiar, virtuous woman from Proverbs 31.

Salmon saw a woman who sought out wool and flax – that which she used to cover and protect him securely upon her roof!! (Prov 31:13)

Salmon saw a woman who had dressed herself with strength, and had used her strong and firm arms to let him down from her window. (Prov 31:17)

Prov 18:22 tells Us that when a man findeth a wife, he findeth a good thing!! 

Well, Salmon had found a ’good’ thing in Rahab!! 


Rahab became Salmon’s wife and mother to their son, Boaz. 


That is the same Boaz who married Ruth!!

And check out the remaining genealogy from Matthew 1:5-6:

-Salmon was the father of Boaz (whose mother was Rahab). Boaz was the father of Obed (whose mother was Ruth). Obed was the father of Jesse. Jesse was the father of King David….

Now notice as you read through this genealogy, listed above👆The scarlet stains of Rahab’s past are no longer on the page!!

She is no longer Rahab, the Harlot – but simply Rahab.

She, who had once been called a prostitute, is now called a princess!! 

Indeed God had transformed Rahab, and He caused her latter years to be better than her former; and God gave Rahab beauty, because by faith, she surrendered her ashes!!

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