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Solution Saturday Answer – Who Am I??

Today is 5/7/2022 and I have the Answer to Trivia Thursday’s Riddle, and I have also posted a link to the associated 30 pieces of Silver Bible Study Lesson on:



A great sinner I am, extremely rich! 

Tax collecting…that was my niche.

Upon a curse my town was built. 

Lord, take away my shame and guilt!

Yes! The Son of God was on his way.

Coming to my house this very day.

So short in stature, how will I see?

I know what…I will climb a tree!!

He called my name, and down I came.

I can’t believe He knew my name!

I received him in my home with joy.

And welcomed Salvation, like a little boy!

I Am Zacchaeus!! (Luke 19:1-10)

Thanks to Evidence Mutumbu for participating this week. Your answer was💯. You are indeed a strong and studious bible scholar!!💪💪💪

Go check Evidence out. You will enjoy his series this week: ‘How to Connect to Spiritual Economics’

Thanks For Stopping By Today!!

Until Next Time,

God Loves 💕You And So Do I!!


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