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How To Walk With God!!

-So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) KJV

Hey, Neighbor!

We all recognize the name, Abraham, the Father of our Faith, from the Book of Genesis…. However, his name wasn’t Always Abraham and he wasn’t Always Full-of-Faith.

Abram had a difficult time believing God.

It happens to the best of us….But bless God that He is patient with us and continues to reveal himself in our hearts, causing us to hold on tighter to what we believe.

Now, If God reveals Himself to us by His Word, shouldn’t we be diligent, on Our walk with Him, to keep reading, and hearing…and hearing His Word…thus, increasing Our faith.

Take a moment to look at Abraham’s
“Faith Walk.”
(Gen. 17:16-17)

He laughed in the Face of God!!
(And Lived)

Wow!! Yes!!…Abraham, the Father of our Faith, fell on the ground, laughing in response to God’s promise to give him a son at the ripened age of 100.

No…Abraham was not always full of faith. His name was Abram and he diligently walked with God, as He lead him into places he had never seen; to do things he had never done.

Abram took a “Faith Walk” with God, and somewhere along that 25 year walk, he finally believed God.

Abram walked from faith – to faith; hearing and hearing God’s Words; over and over again.

God fulfilled His promises to and through Abram…and God not only called Abram, “Righteous,” because he finally believed, but He also called him “Father of Many Nations.” – thus changing his name to Abraham.

You know What??

Our God has a sense of humor….He goes on to bless Abraham with that son He promised him…and God called his son “Laughter” – (Isaac).

Oh God! Give me Your grace to continue on my faith walk with You. I just want to hear Your voice, Lord, speaking to my heart. Lead me in the paths of righteousness and call my name, ‘Faith-FULL.’

I’m ready to receive the fulfillment of your promises, with a heart filled with Joy and ‘Laughter.’


Now You can take a closer Walk with God…Pickup Your Bible and Read It.

Read it Aloud- and Hear God’s Words and Be Blessed!

Thanks For Stopping By Today!!

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!



5 thoughts on “How To Walk With God!!

  1. “They don’t know the power under the hood.” 👏👏👏
    Oh Wow! Thank you soooo much for sharing this story with me and others. I love that Jesus got a belly laugh!! 💕You know we put a lot of miles on Jesus during those 33 years he walked the earth, but when He defeated hell, death, and the grave, he became all the more powerful! They can keep their BMW’s- I’m holding on to my Jesus!! My mom used the say- I’d rather have Jesus- just the same!! Fantastic Analogy😘😘😘!!

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  2. StainedbytheSpirit says:

    I tell you GOD has a great sense of humour.

    I will tell you a story. This is a true story. I once sat with JESUS in a dream. I was really upset because at this time my family was making fun of my relationship with HIM constantly. You see I have an old car, and this old car is a bit rusty on the out side, and has now about 450,000 km on it. I said to HIM they are trying to take it away. This car is like my relationship with JESUS. That is all they see I told HIM. BUT this car has a powerful engine. I looked at HIM and I said you know LORD, I can remember times when I would pull up to a set of lights and these BMW’s or other more fancy cars would pull up besides me. They would look at me in this Lincoln that was kinda old they would just simile at me thinking what a joke. But you know when the light turned green, I would leave them in the dust. And the LORD put HIS head back and laughed so hard. HE had a good belly laugh. I said LORD “They don’t know the power under the hood.” See that is a relationship with JESUS. They only see the exterior but they don’t know the power that comes with it! I still have that car and she still has got a great engine!

    GOD BLESS you Tam and have a wonderful day!

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