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Super- Faith Sunday Riddle 5/15 – Who Is She??

Hey Neighbor!

Once again, it’s Super-Faith Sunday, and this week we are highlighting another ’faith-full’ female from the bible.

Can you guess who she is??

Here is My Riddle:

My second husband had once killed a lion

Before he had reigned over Israel in Zion

We met as I hurried to right all the wrongs

And to rescue my house, unto me they belonged. 

He had protected my shepherds and sheep, like a wall

Every man, now he threatened to slay – each and all

I pleaded with him to show mercy and grace

I jumped off my donkey and I fell on my face

I told him my husband was failed by his name

No fault of my men, only I am to blame

My wicked first husband, he was such a fool

He was also a drunk, very selfish and cruel

He refused the request to share meat and his bread

When 10 days had passed, my first husband was dead

He left me a widow, but I’m now married twice

Not just for my beauty, but my soothing advice

Grab Your Bible and Enjoy!!

Thanks For Stooping By!!

I will post your answer on Wednesday 5/18/2022.

Until Then,

God Loves💕You and So Do I!!



15 thoughts on “Super- Faith Sunday Riddle 5/15 – Who Is She??

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  2. I would tend to agree with that, but remember that she had a husband, probably in her thoughts for the rest of her life.
    It is likely that they fell in love at first sight.

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  3. That’s really good!! The one- on -one relationship between Solomon and Abigail. She would have been sort of a ‘stepmom’ to Solomon, and it is more likely that his great-great grandma Ruth had already passed away.

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  4. Yes, that’s possible. But I considered Solomon would have known Abigail and observed her as He grew, being she was one of David’s five wives. If she were still alive when he was born. But there is nothing to indicate she died before David. Some good food for contemplation. Very good question you presented.

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  5. 1 Samuel 25, Abigail was wise and humble. Her only desire was to protect her home. I believe she did see the faithfulness of David, that he would repent from his anger. I believe David saw more than her beauty, he saw one who was kind and generous.

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  6. Dewitt says:

    She Abigail. I have a theory on this one. I don’t think Nabal was his birth name. 1 reason. David’s men nicknamed him that because you sent your beautiful, intelligent, wife, TO David, the woman slayer. You must be a “fool”. We will call you Nabal. Yeah that’s your name now! Hey scribe, write that down.

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