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Super-Faith Sunday Answer: Hannah!!

Hey Neighbor!

Does God hear and honor our heart prayers?? -These are mental prayers that are inaudible-

I believe that He Does!!

Let’s Look at ‘Faith-full’ Hannah’s Prayer.


When we read the book of 1 Samuel, Chapters 1 and 2, we meet Hannah. Hannah was the childless wife of a Levite, named Elkanah.

Now Elkanah loved his wife dearly, but he took a second woman to wife, named Peninnah, because Hannah could bear him no children. Now Peninnah was both fertile and fruitful, bearing Elkanah sons and daughters; however she was not the adored wife.

She was envious of Elkanah’s love and adoration for Hannah and therefore despised and continually, taunted Hannah .

Now Hannah’s soul grew bitterly sorrowful, as she suffered the incessant provoking by her rival. So, Hannah brought her concerns before the Lord. She fervently, poured out her soul before The Lord in prayer.

Her inaudible, heart prayers were mixed with many, many tears, as she made her petitions known unto The Lord…asking Him to grant her a son.

Although Eli, the high priest, had mistakingly believed Hannah to be drunk, because she appeared to be talking to herself instead of praying (Eli could hear no utterance), he blessed her and she went away in peace and with a renewed hope (confident expectation).

Now, as the story goes on, The Lord remembers Hannah and in less than one year, she gives birth to a male-child. She names him Samuel…as his name means, “Asked of God.”

So Once Again…YES! I do believe that God hears and honors our heart prayers. Hannah asked God, and by faith, she received.

God heard Hannah’s heart prayer and granted her petition.


The Lord is waiting to answer your prayer, Today… So whether you are at work, driving in your car, laying down in your bed, or even sitting in God’s house (the Church), God is waiting to hear from You!!

Your prayer need not be loud, long, nor eloquent; just fervent and faith filled.

So…Go Ahead and Ask…in Jesus’ Name and I dare You to Expect and Believe!!

As Always…
God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!



23 thoughts on “Super-Faith Sunday Answer: Hannah!!

  1. It said that development of world will take place when we develop a particular person
    And Bible teach us about the particular development by changing in there standard of living

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  2. After several tries, I figured it out🤣
    Step by step, I am embracing this technology mountain🙌🏾 Thank You for blessing me to share with your followers and with God’s people🙏🏾


  3. Got it technology heey 😂😂😂 just added the link to your blog at the bottom.
    Thank you so much .
    That’s a powerful blog I believe that seed will bless and heal many marriages.
    God bless you and refresh you

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  4. Yes its by the HolySpirit 😀😀😀because our canal nature is very good at betraying even God.
    I am training myself to depend on the HolySpirit.
    I am training myself to have integrity and be able to keep my word too.
    My word is my bond thus my motto!!!
    If I say I will do it, I push myself to keep my word .
    If I fail I communicate back so that I can be released from the vow

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  5. Only the Spirit of God could give Hannah the strength to release Samuel’s hand to God. She and Elkanah visited him yearly. I’m sure she was very proud of little Samuel and I’m sure she cried many tears as she departed.


  6. Oooh yes .
    This is powerful one thing I live about Hannah she fullfilled her vow.
    Many of us are extortioners before God.
    We ask things from God and we promise to do something in return but when we get blessed we changed goals.

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