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Nuggets of Wealth For Life and Health – June

Hey Neighbor! 

On Wednesday’s in June, I will be enriching your life with some tiny nuggets of wealth, that will hopefully be beneficial for your health and wellness!!

For many years now, I have shared my wellness ‘secrets’ with my friends, family, and co-workers. 

Of course I don’t proclaim to be a physician, nor a nutritionist, nor do I proclaim to have cured or healed anyone. 

Only Jesus can do that!! 

But I do often suggest the use of certain products/brands that have been beneficial to myself, and my family when we have felt unwell. 

Now, If I was stranded on a desert island, and I could only take one herb or supplement with me…I would absolutely have to have my probiotic!!

You see our gut is a microbiome that consists of both good bacteria and bad bacteria; and more often than not, the bad ‘bugs’ have outnumbered the good ‘bugs.’

That’s where the probiotic comes in handy! 

A ‘good’ probiotic will feed and multiply your good bacteria, which will in turn help to rebalance the gut microbiome.

Some of the signs/symptoms of this sort of ‘imbalance’ are: gas, belching, and bloating…just to name a few.   

My personal favorite brand of probiotic is ‘Kyo-dophilus,’ and it has been a tried and true supplement for many years now, and it remains to be a dependable staple in the Weary household!!

When I can’t find it locally, I shop Amazon.

Just to clarify – I am not a salesperson, nor a distributor for any particular health product or wellness company.

My sole purpose here is to strengthen the Body of Christ, so that Together, We might stand a little straighter and a little stronger – until Jesus returns!!

Here is Your Homework for Your Health:

Please take some time this week to research and investigate some of the benefits of probiotics for yourself…
Your Health Must Matter Most To 👉🏽You!!

Until Next Week,

May God Give Health To Your Countenance…(Psalms 42:11)



4 thoughts on “Nuggets of Wealth For Life and Health – June

  1. Thank You So Much Evidence🤩
    Christ wants us to have a renewed mind, but we also need a strong body that can function well, as his hands and feet in this world!!
    Why do you think the ‘church’ has fallen sick? Not just ‘sin sick,’ but physically unwell?


  2. Thank you so much.
    You really a product of wellness because I noticed that you look younger than your age range hahaha.
    Now I know your secrete you are health conscious.
    Looking forward to more tips.
    Hope i don’t forget the homework you gave us

    Liked by 1 person

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