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Bible Trivia Thursday 6/2 – Who Are They??

Hey Neighbor! 

Welcome Back to Trivia Thursday!! 

Today is 6/2/2022 and I have a traditional trivia question for you today, instead of a ‘story-riddle.’

If you can recall back in March, we had a Trivia Thursday question re: King David’s children, and we learned that David had a total of 20 children. 

Of those 20 children, David had 19 sons, but he only had one Daughter named Tamar, who was raped by one of his sons, named Amnon.

Now most of David’s sons were not as problematic as Amnon, but David did have 2 more sons who were rebellious and showed the King a great lack of respect…these 2 sons went so far as to usurp their father’s throne while he was yet alive…thus Today’s Trivia Challenge!!


Not one, but two of King David’s sons attempted to usurp his throne while he was still the King in Israel…Who Were They??


I will post the answer on 5/4- Solution Saturday!!

So Grab Your Word and Go!! 

Until Then,

God Loves💕You and So DoI!!



15 thoughts on “Bible Trivia Thursday 6/2 – Who Are They??

  1. Solomon reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun…This is why we need to walk in, and abide in the Holy Spirit. He will convict us and convince us to repent!!


  2. Yes! G.W. Adonijah made the second, and the last attempt upon his dad’s throne. Nathan and Bathsheba had to tag team to stir enough life into a dying David to crush the rebellion.

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  3. Another son, Adonijah, Absalom’s younger brother, was executed shortly after David’s death for trying to usurp the throne (1 Kings 2:25). He tried to take the throne from Solomon shortly after David’s death. Close enough? Always interesting trivia questions, Tam!

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