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Nuggets of Wealth for Life and Health II – June

May God Give Health To Your Countenance…(Psalms 42:11)

Hey Neighbor!

Today is Wednesday, and Here is Your Nugget for this week…June 8, 2022.


If your halitosis is hollering, try a probiotic!! 

You say…Tam, What is ‘hollering halitosis??’

Well, are you battling with bad breath?? 

If yes, your problem could very well stem from a microbiome imbalance.  

Last week we learned about the gut microbiome and the problems that surface when the bad bacteria in the gut overwhelms the good bacteria…your body begins to send clues that something is out of balance.

These clues are called symptoms!! 

If you recall, we talked about symptoms like…gas, burping, (belching) and bloating; but let’s also add bad breath to this list. 

Have you ever been riding in the front seat of your car, and find your passenger seat experience disturbed by bad breath wafting forward from the backseat??

Well this has happened to me quite often, and the offender is usually one of my children. 

When I am greeted by their hollering halitosis, I will often reach into my handy dandy purse and hand them a probiotic. 

In the case of bad breath, I will generally instruct them on how to carefully open the capsule and empty its’ contents (powder) into their mouths. 

This is where probiotics can once again be very beneficial…by balancing the bacteria inside the mouth, and by also feeding the good ‘bugs’ in the gut, helping them to multiply in numbers. 

This will normally resolve the problem…

If this does not resolve the issue, it’s generally because they (my kids) have a partially undigested meal, putrefying down in their gut…

In this case, I will also hand them a digestive enzyme that includes hydrochloride…you will need water for this one!! 

You see, sometimes there is just not enough stomach acid available in the gut to break down that meal, but the combination of these 2 supplements will go in and tag team the problem. 

For Your Health Homework: 

This week, I would like you to investigate the benefits of digestive enzymes…they mimic your own bodies stomach acid. 

We have often been told that our bodies are producing too much stomach acid, thus producing the heart burn and/or acid reflux, but I beg to differ. 

Again…I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV🤣

So Ultimately, You must do your own research, and talk with your physician to make the best health choices for yourself and your family. 

My personal favorite digestive enzyme is a brand called, Standard Process Betaine Hydrochloride. 

Now I do order most of my supplements through my naturopath’s portal, but I am sure you can find this brand or another trustworthy brand on Amazon…just be sure to take your time to read through the customer reviews before you decide. 

Until Next Week,

Your Health Must Matter Most To You!!


-Just to clarify…I am not a salesperson, nor a distributor for any particular health product or wellness company. My sole purpose here is to strengthen the Body of Christ, so that Together, We might stand a little straighter and a little stronger – until Jesus returns!!


7 thoughts on “Nuggets of Wealth for Life and Health II – June

  1. Yes Joseph!💕There is nothing like fresh mint…indeed it is excellent for both the breath and digestion. I grow it every summer and it’s very aggressive!! Sometimes, I just grab a sprig and chew, either before or after dinner. It’s also very refreshing in water, with a slice of Lemon. How do you use your mint Joseph?


  2. I prefer to have some fresh grown mint. Not only does it freshen the breath but helps the stomach digest the food.

    Be careful though because it spreads like wild fire.

    Liked by 1 person

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