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Bible Trivia Thursday – Can You Guess My ‘Little Child’s’ Age??

-And now, O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in.  (1Kings 3:7)

Hey Neighbor! 

The Bible verse listed above from 2 Kings 3:7 is a quote from King Solomon, after he began to reign as king in Israel, after his father David.

Now here, we see Solomon referring to himself as a ‘little child,’ but actually, he was not!!

In fact, Solomon was already a father, himself.


Solomon had a ‘little child’ of his own when his father, David placed him on the throne in all of Israel…thus today’s trivia question.


What was Solomon’s ‘little child’s’ name, and how old was this child when his dad, Solomon sat on the throne of David?


Grab Your Bibles and Go!! 

And Have Fun Too! 

Thanks For Stopping By! 

I will post your answer this Saturday, 6/18 – Solution Saturday!! 

Until Then, 

God Loves💕You and So Do I!!



28 thoughts on “Bible Trivia Thursday – Can You Guess My ‘Little Child’s’ Age??

  1. I gotcha now Frank…and You are exactly right, because Samuel was sent to anoint David when he was still just a boy…out in the fields with the sheep!! Although David didn’t official reign as king until he was 30…He was God’s anointed king!!
    David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years. (2Sa 5:4)

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  2. That’s my desire that we connect as saints the world does it well we should do better isn’t?.I will call you for duty again🤣🤣🤣🤣
    We should support and compliment each other as believers because we have different graces and assignments.

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  3. I love it💕Keep on digging girlfriend!! Rehoboam was something else, he disposed of Solomon’s ‘old wise men’ – as counselors…and replaced them with ‘his buddies…thus the separation and division into two Kingdoms- Israel and Judah. Lord Help Us!!

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  4. You got me thinking and digging in the word….I never really thought about Solomon’s children! But I found Rehobeam!
    2 Chronicles 13:7

    ” Some worthless scoundrels gathered around him and opposed Rehoboam son of Solomon when he was young and indecisive and not strong enough to resist them.”

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  5. Yes Sir!! We have been corresponding…and I am thrilled!! I think she may have found me on your site. I am thankful and blessed. When you need me again, let me know! 💕


  6. Right! Solomon is baby #2. I will have to go in deep to investigate Solomon’s specific age…also those whom we consider to be ‘boys’ were considered ‘men’ at much younger ages…sometimes at 12 or 13. Either way…he certainly was not a ‘little child’ like Josiah- at the time. I like the reading in the amplified…it explains Solomon’s wording.

    Now, O Lord my God, You have made Your servant king instead of David my father, and I am  3but a lad [in wisdom and experience]; I know not how to go out (begin) or come in (finish). (1Ki 3:7)

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  7. I did too. Josiah was 8, but then again I see David in his thirties maybe forties when he took Bathsheba. I believe Solomon is her second child after the one that died at birth. So Solomon was already a man when David died.

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  8. Hey Evidence! Thanks so much for the link. I was so blessed when I found her site. I ‘correctly’ guessed the answer for their first trivia. I will have to go deeper for this new one😂

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  9. Hey Pedro! I had always pictured Solomon as a much younger man when he became king. I was very surprised to find this little gem in a footnote in my Bible. This intrigued me- I thought I would share.

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  10. 1 Kings 11:42-43
    And the time that Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel was forty years.
    And Solomon slept with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David his father: and Rehoboam his son reigned in his stead.

    1 Kings 14:21
    And Rehoboam the son of Solomon reigned in Judah. Rehoboam was forty and one years old when he began to reign, and he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city which the LORD did choose out of all the tribes of Israel, to put his name there. And his mother’s name was Naamah an Ammonitess.

    Solomon reigned 40 years.
    Rehoboam returned 41 years

    Rehoboam would have been 1 year old when Solomon was crowned and anointed king.

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