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Whose Wife Am I – I am Cain’s Wife!!

Hey Neighbor!

It’s Thursday 6/16/2022 and Today I am posting the answer to this weeks riddle.

Let’s Review the Riddle First!!


As Abraham was to Sarah, was my husband to me

Both my groom and my brother; How could this be

He left his father and mother, and I became wife 

Contentious he was, full of hatred and strife 

Sin gained a stronghold, and he took a man’s life 

Banished from home, how we toiled and we wandered

I desired him still, none could tear us asunder 

Whose Wife Am I??

Answer: I am Cain’s Wife

And Cain“s wife [one of Adam“s offspring] became pregnant and bore Enoch; and Cain built a  6city and named it after his son Enoch. (Gen 4:17) Amplified


Thanks so Much to Pedro and Beverley!!👏👏👏

Thanks to You both for your correct answers and your ’faith-full’ contributions to the CareBibleStudy Blog!!

Pedro Villarreal-

Beverley Wright-

Please Go and Show them both some love on their blogs!!

Until Next Time,

Thanks For Stopping By!!

God Loves💕You And So Do I!!



4 thoughts on “Whose Wife Am I – I am Cain’s Wife!!

  1. Thank You so Much, Mary Cates. I am soooo glad!! 🙏🏾I really enjoy reading the Bible, and I really want to share it in a way that is enjoyable for others, as well. So this means a lot💕 I am indeed inspired by your favor and support today!! 🙏🏾


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