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How To Witness for Jesus!!

-Then he said, “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all. Whoever believes and is baptized is saved; whoever refuses to believe is damned –
(Mark 16:14) Message Bible

Hey Neighbor!

It’s 6/17/2022 and It is also Oldie but a Goodie Friday on The CareBibleStudy Blog!!

Today I was inspired to revive this message, because a fellow blogger commented about witnessing in his community, as a church.😊

My mind flashed back to my first time witnessing in the neighborhoods, as a church. And although some of the more experienced mothers of the church were with me…to be honest, I was intimidated!!

I was afraid to be out there knocking on people’s doors, but Praise God The Holy Spirit was not!!

You know, witnessing is so important for the life and future of the church. If Jesus is the Head, and we are the body of Christ…then we are fully equipped as members.

We have hands, arms, legs and feet, etc.,

And it’s those hands and feet that we must use to step outside of the doors of the church to go and share the Mind of Christ in our communities!!

Here is my oldie from 2014!!


A few Saturdays ago in October, my husband, Dewitt and I went out witnessing with our church, in the local neighborhood.

You may be thinking….What does a witness do??

Well, a witness attests to, gives testimony to, and/or testifies to something.

And…Because we had chosen a Saturday Morning on which to witness, several of the neighbors suspected that we were Jehovah’s Witness.😂

It was so funny…As I approached a couple of guys who were moving a mattress into their house, I had to quickly reassure them that I was not a witness from that organization, but I had come to witness for Jesus Christ!!

They began to chuckle with one another, as they responded to me by asking,
“Could you hear what we said?!” Lol

After talking with them further, these two guys both confirmed that they knew Jesus and that they also had their own church homes…So it was on to the next house.

As I knocked on the next door, one of the Mothers of our church, who was witnessing with me, responded, “Sister Tam, if I lived here and heard you knocking like that, I would come to the door and see who’s out there!!”

She went on to say that I was knocking on the doors in the neighborhood as if I had an urgent matter of importance to share.

When I think about it…Salvation IS of the utmost importance…and it is urgent, because satan is a Liar, and he is the Father of ALL Lies, and he is strategically deceiving our Sisters and Brothers everyday!!

He is telling the Brother that it’s too hard to follow Jesus!!

He’s telling the Sister that Jesus can’t dwell inside of her because of her past!!

What are we telling our Brothers and Sisters, as Witnesses for Jesus??

As Jesus’ hands and feet in the world, we should be urgently knocking on doors and when invited, walk into our Brother’s and Sister’s home to share with them the Truth!!

Our Brother needs to know…

Jesus Paid it ALL!! And if he will receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, He will deposit into his heart, the Holy Spirit…Who will help him on this journey and teach him how to live for God!!

Our Sister needs to know that…

If she will just trust in and receive Jesus, He is faithful, and His blood will cleanse her of ALL of her unrighteousness!!

We need to reassure her that her past is dead and that She is a Beautiful, new creature in Christ and Now there is no condemnation in her future!!

So Yes!!

We should be Like Jesus, in Luke 19, when He went looking for Zacchaeus!! The matter of Salvation was urgent!!

Jesus said…I must stay at your house today!!

Therefore, We should also be standing at the doors of our Neighbor’s homes, knocking and ready to share the Message of Truth…Because the matter of Salvation Is still Urgent!!

-Jesus said, “If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.- (Jn 8:31-32)

We, who believe in Jesus Christ and “know him” and who have His Word living on the inside of us, are His disciples.

He has set US free…Hallelujah!!

Now, He says we should “GO” and Set the Sisters and Brothers free with the Truth of God’s Word!!

So….”Go! And be a Witness for Jesus!”

Please Feel Free to share your witnessing experience(s) in the comments.

Your contribution could motivate another member of the body to get his or her hands and feet moving for Jesus!!

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!



21 thoughts on “How To Witness for Jesus!!

  1. Thanks so much Anneta! Actually, it was my husband who inspired me to even attempt to witness. He seemed to be fearless as he knocked at each door. He was bold, and obviously anointed to be a witness for Jesus!!

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  2. It really is. Someone will be blessed. No matter what the struggle looks like, scripture has the answer. That’s why the armor of God is vital, the enemy has not one avenue of attack that God is not defensible of. And, God is never surprised, his word is a mighty weapon.
    You’re ready for this, you’ve got the Spirit of God, and his Word, what else do you need? Prayer? I’ll be praying for you! God bless you.

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  3. I know I did, even after I had my own home, and was my own man, I still did not have complete confidence, but now I know who’s I am, and why I stand. 😁


  4. Thank You so much, Pedro! I am actually doing my first message at church on Sunday. I wasn’t sure what area to speak on, but your comment on my dad inspired me so much, and the Lord showed me that my dad’s story would be a powerful message for Father’s Day.

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  5. I am glad you got a chance to witness You’re Dad standing firm on his foundation in Christ. This is powerful!! When we were kids, my mom made us get down and hide when ‘they’ came a knocking😂🤣.

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  6. “Last month we were doing a drive to invite people to church so we were handing out fliers to invite our friends and relatives to church.” Here is Your statement in the comments under your topic on Dominion!!


  7. I remember a time, years ago, I was about 12 years old or so, that I heard a knock on the door, and there stood two members of the Jehovah’s witnesses.
    My dad came to the door, and welcomed them.
    People typically avoid answering the door because of a lack of knowledged, or they just don’t want to hear.
    My dad was a Baptist, he was a deacon, and a disciple of Christ. This was just a few years before he answered the call to ministry.
    I think back now some 40 years or so, today I am proud of the way he was bold and confident in his belief, and faith.
    As he stood to answer for his faith, there came others to lend support to their partners.
    Dad welcomed them as well, until their lead minister came along and lead them away.
    It’s easy to be unsure how to defend, or contend for the faith. Dad was steady and confident.
    You have to know what you believe, and why you believe it. Because some day someone may be deeply affected by the truth of Christ, and it will be to your credit.
    I say “you” in general, Tam, in case someone reads this besides you. You are a strong witness, God bless you

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  8. Praise the Lord for the witness i remember sharing the gospel with a homeless man when I went to São Paulo. He was sitting beside the street with earphones listening to a small radio and he was shaking. It was a sad sight apparently he had been to church once but never really followed it through. I gave he some small ammount of cash and asked him to search for Jesus. Just a though maybe guys should print ,”Not a JW” on your shirts just for clarity lest you scare people away! 😁😂

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  9. says:

    Great testimony to witnessing. It’s not an easy thing to do, because folks don’t think they need Jesus. We all need him and our message is very urgent. The day is coming soon and we need to be ready. Great post, Tam.

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