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More Solution Saturday

Hey Neighbor!

Can You believe that Solomon had 700 Wives, and 300 Concubines??…Wow!!

Here is Trivia Thursday’s Question and Your Answer!!



Now the bulk of Solomon’s harem consisted of idol worshipping, pagan women…of whom God had forbidden Solomon to intermarry with.

But Solomon rebelliously loved his harem of ‘strange’ women, and when he was old, they turned his heart from God!!

Now one would suspect that King Solomon would have had countless numbers of children born from this harem, but actually he did not!! 

Thus today’s trivia question


Do you know how many children King Solomon had?? 

Please NAME each of them (children)…from the associated Book, Chapter, and Verse for verification. 


And The Trivia Thursday Award 🏆goes to:🥁🥁

ChallEngEr 👏👏👏

Now, if you love poetry and trivia, then you will definitely want to check out Chalvonia’s blog and participate in her Weekly Splash Poetry Quiz!!

Here is ChallEngEr’s Answer: Three

I’m taking a huge risk Here, but this is my answer: Taphath the daughter 1 Kings 4:11
Basmath the daughter 1 kings 4:15
Rehoboam . 1Kings 11:43

Chalvonia took a huge risk, and it paid off🤑


I also like Pedro’s response, as he was also surprised that Solomon only had 3 children, 1 son who reigned after him, as King and 2 daughters.

Pedro Villarreal-

Here is Pedro’s response…

Yes, what I saw was that Solomon was probably cursed because of the foreign women that he brought into Jerusalem to be his wives.
It’s probable, if the womb of a woman can be closed, why not the reproductive ability of the man?
Very interesting!


If you read through the comments, you will see that I also found some commentary to support Pedro’s response. But, what do you think??

Join the conversation!!

What are you thoughts as to why the scriptures only reveal these 3 children born to Solomon??

Could Solomon have been cursed because of his ‘strange’ wives??

Share Your Thoughts with us…Don’t be shy🎤



God Loves💕You and So Do I!!


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