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God’s ‘Faith-full’ Daughter, Jehosheba!!

  • So Jehosheba daughter of King Jehoram, sister of Ahaziah, and wife of Jehoiada the priest, hid [Joash] from [his grandmother] Athaliah, so that she did not slay him. And Joash was with them hidden in the house of God six years, and Athaliah reigned over the land (2Chronicles 22:11)

Hey Neighbor!

What is a princess to do when she is surrounded by evil throughout the palace?

This princess’s name was Jehosheba, and she was the daughter to King Jehoram…who had reigned in Judah for eight years after her grandfather, Jehoshaphat.

Now before King Jehoshaphat died, he left gold, silver, and fortified territories in Judah to his six younger sons, but the throne, he left to his eldest son, Jehoram.

But Jehosheba’s dad was a wicked king. He killed all of her uncles – the king’s brothers, at the start of his reign…and not for the surety of his throne, but Jehoram killed his brothers out of jealousy…just as Cain killed Abel!!

You see, scripture tells us that Jehoram’s brothers had favor with their father Jehoshaphat…for they were better than him!!

-But (Jehoram) have walked in the ways of Israel“s kings, and made Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem play the harlot like the [spiritual] harlotry of Ahab“s house, and also have slain your brothers of your father“s house, who were better than you, (2Chr 21:13)

From this scripture above, we have also learned that King Jehoram had been counseled closely by the wicked house of Ahab, from the Northern Kingdom.

Where had King Jehoshaphat gone wrong with his eldest son, Jehoram??

Well, scripture tells us that Jehoshaphat was a godly king, but unfortunately he had aligned himself with the house of Ahab and Jezebel…or should I say Jezebel and Ahab…as this aggressive, dominating, baal worshipping, Sidonian woman certainly wore the pants in Ahab’s household.

Jezebel was the slithering serpent that had cast all of the fiery darts in Israel, and then she sent Ahab, The King of Israel out to pick up the bodies!!

Indeed there were bodies all about the trail, wherever Jezebel or her bloody daughter, Athaliah had trod!!

Here’s a body count from Jehoram’s brothers!!

– He (Jehoram) had brothers: Azariah, Jehiel, Zechariah, Azariah, Michael, and Shephatiah, all the sons of Jehoshaphat king of Israel. Their father gave them great gifts of silver, gold, and precious things, together with fortified cities in Judah, but the kingdom he gave to Jehoram, the firstborn (2Chr 21:2)

Now Athalia had become Jehoram’s wife, as well as the evil, in-house counsel to to the King of Judah!!

Athaliah trained Jehoram in treachery and advised him in idolatry….for she was trained up in the Northern kingdom by her wicked mother, Jezebel!!

Now Jehosheba was very fortunate that Athaliah was not her biological mother…Jehosheba’s mother remains one of the unnamed wives that were carried away by the Arabs and the Philistines, along with Jehosheba’s remaining brothers.

Only one of Jehosheba’s wicked brothers, Ahaziah remained alive in Judah after the attack, but unfortunately, that brother was Athaliah’s biological son, whom she controlled and manipulated like a pawn on the chessboard of Life!!

In contrast, Jehosheba had rejected her step-mom’s ‘wicked wife’ tutorials and refused to be injected with the vicious venom that Athaliah was serving up in the palace!!

Jehosheba married a man of God!!


Jehosheba’s husband was Jehoiada, the Lord’s High Priest!!

Jehosheba rejected the wickedness that had permeated the palace and instead, she ran to the House of The Lord!!

While still her brother, Ahaziah remained under the spell of his treacherous mother, and his wicked grandparents!!

– He (Ahaziah) also walked in the ways of the house of Ahab, for his mother was his counselor to do wickedly. So he did evil in the sight of the Lord like the house of Ahab, for they were his counselors after his father“s death, to his destruction. (2Chr 22:3)

But God was not pleased with Ahaziah, as his reign as king only lasted one year, and he was slain in Israel by Jehu, and Ahaziah was buried with their grandfather, Jehoshaphat.

Now that Ahaziah was dead, Athaliah was not willing to wail, nor to loose any sleep…for she refused to loose the southern kingdom from her filthy fingers!!

Athaliah strengthened herself on the throne in Judah by committing a most abominable act!!

She destroyed all of the seed from the royal line of David!!


Athaliah killed all of the princes…even Ahaziah’s sons, the rightful heirs to the throne in Judah.

This self-indulgent and power thirsty woman lusted after the throne, and because Athaliah hated God and had sold out to baal, she was fully intent on removing any semblance of light that remained on the throne in the Southern kingdom.

Athalia was an evil priestess of baal, in league with Satan to wipeout every last descendant of David’s bloodline…as to prevent the prophesied son of God, The Messiah from reigning and ruling through the royal line of Judah!!

But Jehosheba and her husband, Jehoiada were ‘faith-full’ servants of God, and they were aligned with righteousness…and in-league with the Lord!!

They both had refused to kneel before baal, nor permanently yield the throne to this foreign woman, who was in essence attempting to usurp the throne from the very hands of Jesus!!

So Jehosheba courageously risked both life and limb to save her one year old nephew, Joash, from the sword of Athalia…who had already slain all of little Joash’s elder brothers.

Yes!! Athalia thought she had killed every last one of her grandsons!!

She was fully intent upon taking hold of the reigns in the kingdom, much like her misguided father, satan…before he was cast out of heaven!!

She too, had hoped to quench the Light of God from the heavens and to cause the praises of God to cease throughout the kingdom!!

But the Spirit of The Lord was strong upon Jehosheba, as she stealthily stole the boy out of Athaliah’s hands and God’s grace was upon her to cause little Joash to be secretly hidden in the house of the Lord for six whole years…where Joash was raised up in the Fear and the Admonition of the Lord, under the authority of the High Priest!!

And Yes!!

Once Again, God cast out the usurper…even Athaliah and He reaffirmed David’s royal seed, securely upon the throne in Judah.

King Joash began to reign in the southern kingdom at the ripe age of 7 years old!!


This Lesson is a story of strength and courage, reminding us that when God is for us, it doesn’t matter who comes against you…whether it be mother, father, brother, or even your beloved grandmother!!

God still sits upon His heavenly throne where He is seated high, and looking low upon the dastardly deeds of the wicked.

Never loose faith…even when there is nothing left but that last minuscule mustard seed…dedicate it to the Lord, by Faith, like Jehosheba and let God do His thing in that secret place, where he transforms that grain of seed into the Greatest Tree in the Garden.

Joash went on to become a ‘good’ king, but there was one more from his lineage, a branch brought forth out of the root of Jesse, who was, and is the Greatest King of All… That’s Jesus!!




God Loves You And So I!!


37 thoughts on “God’s ‘Faith-full’ Daughter, Jehosheba!!

  1. It is hard to read about the evil in a murderer of their own. The Lord will bring about His righteous judgment and turn everything upside down. You are so good with the details. 🙏🙏🙏
    How did you do with your assignment at Church?

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  2. I guess we’re just getting older and more set in our ways. Hubby will be 54 this month and I’m 49, so we’re not old yet…and we are both well and blessed! How old are you Anneta…if I might ask?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I posted two love hearts ❤️💖, two hands clasped in prayer 🙏🏾, a smiling emoji with love hearts around the face 🥰and am emoji with a blushed face and teary eyes 🥹. I’m using an iPhone so perhaps the emojis don’t come out the same on your phone depending.

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  4. My husband has won me over with those kinds of films also. His father was a history/civics teacher, so my husband loves that kind of stuff. I’ve since grown to enjoy them quite a bit, as well. One of my favorites is a series we found about the love/hate relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary of Scots💕

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  5. I know! I love old English films about dynasties and kingdoms and the stories are similar when it comes to conquest and power. She wasn’t a child of God that woman so power was more important than the life of those kids. What sort of grandma was she huh?

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  6. Amen! I was teaching a class on this one last week, when I realized this bloody woman didn’t even know her grandchildren. She hadn’t hugged them, bounced them on her knee, nor lovingly called them by their names. Athaliah didn’t even know how many grandkids she had!! Little Joash’s body was not one amongst the body count, yet he was missing…for six whole years and Athaliah didn’t even know he existed!!😮

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  7. Great summary of this story Tam. So many of these bible stories would seem so bloody if they were adapted into modern day films. I suppose that it’s not unusual given the context of the time. God is so good and always has a strategy to overcome the devil’s plan. His word/promise still stands! 🙏🏾❤️

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  8. Sadly my mother had an Athaliah Spirit. She controlled and manipulated my father and attempted to control and manipulate her children (even as adults) As a young wife, I had to fight against that spirit transferring from my childhood (kingdom) into my adult (kingdom.) Indeed God will deal with the domineering, manipulating wife/woman!!


  9. This Athalia spirit is deadly because it seeks to destroy the seed of God.
    Its working even in our communities and churches, it crushes any potential godly seed and impose itself in power.
    God has a way of dealing with this spirit!!!!

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  10. ‘Praise God for his courageous servants.’ Amen 🙏🏾
    Thanks Pedro. I created that little family chart because I was teaching a class and I found that without it, I could not define nor explain the relationships. It helped tremendously!!

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  11. So much gets missed in the chapters of much information. You have painted a story in a few words to express the carefulness of God and his plans to retain the Southern kingdom for David and Jesus.
    It has always been the underhanded plan of Satan to disrupt the placement of Christ, because he knew that when Christ comes, Satan will be undone.
    You have laid these events out clearly for anyone who wants to know about that time period, the people involved, and how even the priesthood comes to the rescue.
    Praise God for his courageous servants.

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