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God Changed His Name – ‘Uncle Bob’

-Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new-
(2 Corinthians 5:17)

Hey Neighbor!

I enjoy writing Bible Stories About My Family Members.

Especially when the Holy Spirit shows me The Truth of God’s Word in such a way that is applicable in our everyday lives.

Here is another Oldie but a Goodie about How God transformed My Uncle Bob into a New Creature in Christ and Gave him a new name!!



In our Bible Study, we’ve been talking about how God can give you a new name. We talked about God changing Abram’s name to Abraham, which again, means Father of Many Nations.

So can you imagine, Abraham walked around, 100 years old, introducing himself to people as the Father of Many Nations, when he only had 1 child??

When God changed Sarai’s name, she didn’t even know it. God said to Abraham, “Don’t call her Sarai, anymore!” So I guess Abraham went home, walked in saying “Honey!…Sarah! I’m home.” So she’s gotta be thinking..Who is he talking to?? That’s not my name!

Then Abraham goes on to tell her… “Oh Yeah…and while I was out talking to God, today, He said I can’t call you Sarai, anymore…He changed my name to Abraham and now your’s is Sarah!!”


So God Changed Sarai’s name and didn’t tell HER!!

Sounds crazy, huh??

We’ll I want to tell you a story about an Uncle of mine, who was once, called, Robert.

Here’s the story:

I grew up in East St. Louis with both my mother and father in the home. There were three of us…so I have one sister and 1 brother and I’m the baby!!

My parents had changed their lifestyles when we were young and they were both God-fearing Christians. They loved us and kept us close to home; they were very strict and watchful of who we made friends with and/or dated. They were even watchful of the family members that came around.

So growing up, I knew my mothers side of the family, but had very vague memories of my Dad’s side…till my father passed away in February, 2001.

Praise God!! He used that time of mourning and turned it into dancing for me. I got a chance to become well acquainted with my paternal Aunt’s and Uncles; particularly the Uncle that looks just-like-my-Dad, named Robert, but the family called him Bob.

I had actually met him about 10 years before my father passed away. It was at East Side’s Championship game in Normal, IL.

During the intermission, A friend and I were headed to the concession stands to get a snack when I saw this man approaching in the crowds. He looked so familiar to me..I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

When we got close enough, I just had to ask him…Is your name Bob?? Because You look Just like my Daddy!!

It was him!!…I had heard his name growing up, around our house, but I had never seen him…So fast forward to the Present.

Now he’s our Security Guard at the Center and we’ve grown so close, it’s just like having Daddy around again.

The Lord brought us together, again about 2 years ago, after his wife, Greta passed away. I needed a Security Guard/Maintenance Person
and He Needed Jesus!! Lol!

So the The Lord brought us together and met both our needs.

Now if you’ve ever been to the Center, You know my Uncle, Bob!! From my friends…to my exercise class..our bible study folks…and all the Church Families.

He is unforgettable…And EVERYBODY calls Him Uncle Bob!!

And it actually drove him crazy, for a while!!

I guess it had become contagious…All of my friends and our ‘Center family’ started calling him ‘Uncle Bob’ because of me, initially…but people were starting to call him Uncle Bob away from the Cultural Center, as well.

He would tell me how he had seen this person…or that person…at the grocery store and how they Greeted him as ‘Uncle Bob,’ instead of Robert.

He would ask me..Why are these people calling me ‘Uncle Bob’ and they’re older than me??

I thought it was funny!!
(I think everything is funny)…but he didn’t!!

It kept happening to him over and over again. He would introduce himself, as Robert, but they refused to call him Robert…but Uncle Bob!!

He didn’t realize what was happening, but I did!!

The Lord had been doing a great work in Bob since he had moved into the Center….He had accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior and the Holy Spirit had come in, changing him into a new Creature in Christ and therefore…..he needed a new name that was befitting, the New Man.

The Robert that the world had known was a selfish, obnoxious, alcoholic …but Not Uncle Bob!!

Now that The Lord has kept him clean and sober for nearly 1 1/2 years now, He has a church home and most importantly, a church family to support him on his Spiritual Journey.

He’s the Teacher’s pet in my bible study class and God Bless him…he’s got the CRAVE!!…but it’s for The Word of God!! After our class wraps up on Tuesday nights, he makes a mad dash out of the house to catch the next Bible Study at SSAMM’s.

It’s Amazing..the transformation God has made in him…He’s been an incredible blessing to my life and to our Family at the Center. He loves to feed everybody that comes by.

He brings home cookies, cakes, and pies and he makes the best Chicken and Dumplings, EVER!!

I thank God for my new Uncle. I love him, dearly and I know my dad would be so proud of his born-again, baby brother

God Changed my Uncle’s Name, although he’s still a little obnoxious…but if he wasn’t…he wouldn’t be Uncle Bob!!

Do You believe God is Still Changing Names, Today??

If so, What Name is He Calling You??

Tomorrow, We’ll talk about how God Changed Jacob’s name – to Israel!

Til Then,
God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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25 thoughts on “God Changed His Name – ‘Uncle Bob’

  1. I love our ‘I’m the baby’ battles…so cute💕 Bless You Sis🙏🏾 Oh! And Frank is enroute back to Brazil. He will return to working on your nerves very soon😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m the baby!! 😝😝😂🤣😅😁 Sorry, couldn’t let that one slip. Your Uncle sounds great and the story of his transformation even greater. I love how you were able to pick him out of a crown although you hadn’t met him before. Family resemblance is an amazing thing. God bless you. ❤️🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great story! Made me think! I used to want God to give me a new name, but I never appreciated the name I have. I used to spend most dawns and mornings with a bit of a hangover and complain that my mother should have named me ‘dusk’. But like Uncle Bob, I quit the drink. Now I awake mornings with joy in my heart and I appreciate and love my name in a new way.

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  5. That is a living witness to the way a life transformed gets a new identity.
    What old life? That’s why “Uncle Bob” has such a precious meaning.
    The old world identifies with Robert, but Uncle Bob is from a new world, and it shows.
    I love it!
    Thank you, and his bless you.

    Liked by 2 people

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