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Super-Faith Sunday Riddle – Who Was She??

Hey Neighbor!

It’s Sunday, August 7th and your riddle is ready. I believe you can solve it…just stand strong and hold steady!!

Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun🤩


When a follower of Jesus suddenly fell ill,

Her friends refused to accept her death was God’s will

She had done so much to help the downtrodden and poor

She proved faith was not dead, by her works all the more

Her light had burned out, still she kept those warm who had need

Her friend’s cries moved the rock, when he saw all her deeds.

The Lord loved this woman, who had given with cheer

When prayers for her were sent up, God was ‘faith-full’ to hear.
Who Was She??



11 thoughts on “Super-Faith Sunday Riddle – Who Was She??

  1. The answer was already in the comment so I decided to read up on Tabitha. I like that she was full of good works and charitable deeds. I also like that Peter first put out the doubters or mourners before praying for her. Sometimes our miracles will not manifest unless we put out the negative and doubting people around us. Wonderful riddle.

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  2. Think I wrote a blog on this story. I like that God or the disciple was moved by her acts of kindness. It wasn’t even about how saved or righteous she was. It’s bearing in mind that God sees our God works and labour of love. We don’t become weary in doing good as it’s storing up treasures in heaven. Think she took care of the widows. ❤️

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