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Trivia Tuesday- Name That King!!

Hezekiah did right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his [forefather] had done. (2Kings 18:3)

Hey Neighbor!

“As David, his father.”

This phrase we find repeated nine (9) times in the book of 1 Kings.

And in the lead scripture above, we read where Hezekiah’s kingly reign was compared to his forefather, King David’s.

And because King Hezekiah ‘did what was right’ in the sight of the Lord, he was ranked amongst the ‘good’ kings of Judah.

Not only was King Hezekiah’s reign in Judah compared to David’s reign over ‘all of Israel,’ but all of the succeeding kings of Judah (the Davidic line of kings) would be afterwards compared to him!!

Now, King Solomon was the last king to reign over ‘all of Israel,’ and after his death, The Lord divided ‘all of Israel’ into two kingdoms.

The Southern Kingdom (Judah) was given to Rehoboam, (Solomon’s son) and the Northern Kindom (Israel) was given to Jerobam. Both Rehoboam and Jeroboam were wicked or ‘bad’ kings.

Unfortunately, all 19 of the succeeding kings in Israel (North) were considered to be ‘bad’ kings, but this was not so in Judah!!

From King Rehoboam to King Zedekiah, (Judah’s last king) a total of twenty (20) kings were seated…twelve (12) of them were evil kings, but eight (8) of them were actually considered to be ‘good’ kings.

In fact, ‘Good’ King Hezekiah, was one (1) amongst eight (8) of those ‘good’ kings in Judah.


Question: Can you name the other seven (7 ) ‘good’ kings of Judah??




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