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The Syrophoenician Woman – Miraculous Morsels from The Table of Jesus!! 

Instead, at once, a woman whose little daughter had (was under the control of) an unclean spirit heard about Him and came and flung herself down at His feet. Now the woman was a Greek (Gentile), a Syrophoenician by nationality. And she kept begging Him to drive the demon out of her little daughter.  (Mark 7:26)

Hey Neighbor! 

She was a Canaanite; a pagan, and very likely an idol worshipping woman from the area of Tyre and Sidon, that is where Jezebel was trained up in her baal worship!!

Well this woman was very hungry and the pangs within her were unbearable!!

For she was agonized and emotionally distraught about her little girl, who had been possessed, and tormented by a demon!!

She had no choice but to depart from her little child, leaving her safe in the care of others, while she went in search for food!!

Was she literally searching for food??


The Syrophoenician woman was not literally, nor physically starved, but she was starved spiritually, and she found herself utterly destitute without a Savior!! 

She had heard about Jesus, and she believed that He could cast the demon out of her little daughter, and make her whole once again.

And much like the woman with the Issue of Blood, this woman was determined to find Jesus!!

You see, she was fed-up with sin and idolatry, for none of her futile idols had brought her forth any sustenance, nor relief!!

Now when she had finally located Jesus, at one of the neighboring (Canaanite) homes, she approached him with boldness, although she realized that she was a sinner, unworthy to even draw near to Him…she proclaimed and identified him as the Promised Messiah!!

Now, remember that many times after Jesus had privately healed someone, he prevented the man or woman from public identifying him as the Messiah, but here…in a land outside of Israel…this woman wad openly confessing that Jesus was truly the son of God!!

Where in contrast, many from Jesus’ own family and from his own tribe, and even the religious rulers in Israel had despised and rejected Jesus, and some even pursued Jesus, in attempts to kill him.

But this spiritually starved mother, had made this bold proclamation before all who were in the house, but Jesus ignored her!!


  • O Lord, Son of David! My daughter is miserably and distressingly and cruelly possessed by a demon! But He did not answer her a word. And His disciples came and implored Him, saying, Send her away, for she is crying out after us. (Matthew 15:22-23)

Even Jesus’ disciples began to behave badly, as they were very much annoyed by this woman’s persistent cries. In fact, they were pleading with Jesus to put her out and send her away.

Then suddenly, Jesus spoke!!

-He answered, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. But she came and, kneeling, worshiped Him and kept praying, Lord, help me (Mat 15:24)

This woman collapsed before Jesus, crying out:



-And she kept begging Him to drive the demon out of her little daughter. (Mark 7:26)

She was now appealing to Jesus out of her fervent desperation!!

She didn’t care what the disciples were saying about her, neither was she afraid of their faces!!

She looked beyond the tears in her eyes, at the Merciful, Loving, and Kind face of Jesus, only!!

She knew that only Jesus possessed the Heart of God, and the Willingness of A Savior, to spare her but mere crumbs of mercy!!

Jesus’ response was:

-And He answered, It is not right (proper, becoming, or fair) to take the children“s bread and throw it to the little dogs. (Mat 15:26)

At this retort, many of us would have gotten up abruptly, and would’ve walked away, highly offended!!

Did Jesus just call her a dog; referring to her race??

Well, at this point, race was not an issue for this woman of faith. She replied to Jesus with a uncommon spirit of humbleness, where she conveyed her perceived understanding of Jesus’ answer.

You see, as a mother herself, the Syrophoenician woman realized, that no loving mother, whether Israelite or Canaanite, would go through all the effort of preparing a meal for her beloved children…just to serve it to the dogs!! 

Can you imagine…as one’s children sat anxiously, at the dinner table, awaiting their sustenance, a mother would just callously feed her children’s meal to the house pets underneath their table??

She agreed with Jesus!!

Yes!! That was unfair!!

Still, somehow this woman understood that Jesus had come into the world seeking to find his own lost sheep!!

They had gotten separated from the sheepfold, and Jesus, having already secured the 99, had come come seeking that one that was lost!!

She realized that Jesus was conveying the truth, that the Canaanites were not His Sheep…being that they were not the sons and daughters of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!!

Indeed she realized that she was not the one that had departed from his sheepfold, but she was willing to be his welp, if it meant that she could dwell beneath his table!!

She was willing to beg, like Lazarus did, as he kneeled underneath the rich man’s table!!

She was willing to abide and stay there with Jesus, even while the other little dogs licked at her sores!!

Even this would provide her much more relief…than what she had attained from her idol worship!!

If only Jesus would let her come into the house but for a moment!!

She decided that she would be more like a hound dog, who had aggressively sniffed out her prey!!

She sniffed and sniffed until she had found Jesus…even in his hiding place!!

-And Jesus arose and went away from there to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And He went into a house and did not want anyone to know [that He was there]; but it was not possible for Him to be hidden [from public notice]. (Mk 7:24)

She was now hungrily scratching at the door, and begging to get inside!!

Of course she did not expect Jesus to welcome her into his sheepfold, nor make her equal to his chosen ones.

She just needed Him to let some of his miraculous morsels of mercy fall upon her, as she begged beneath his table!!

  • She said, Yes, Lord, yet even the little pups (little whelps) eat the crumbs that fall from their [young] masters“ table. Then Jesus answered her, O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you wish. And her daughter was cured from that moment (Mat 15:27)

What an amazing story of Faith!!


Thanks For Stopping By!!


God Loves You and So Do I!!


15 thoughts on “The Syrophoenician Woman – Miraculous Morsels from The Table of Jesus!! 

  1. Thanks Chalvonia🤗 Jesus, as the Son of David, had only been sent to his lost sheep, but Jesus, as Lord shared his miraculous morsels with all those who had believed and received him as Lord and Savior, by Faith!!

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  2. Oh how easily we take offense. Unlike this woman who perceived that Jesus had spoken in fairness about his earthly ministry, the only word many of us would have heard Jesus say was ‘dog!’

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  5. Love this story. I think I did a blog on it focused on how her inability to become offended, led to her daughter’s healing. Suppose she took offence to what he said? Her need was much greater than her pride. Bless you Tammy. 🙏🏾❤️❤️

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