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Solution Saturday Answers!!

Elisha died, and they buried him. Bands of the Moabites invaded the land in the spring of the next year. (2Kings 13:20)

Hey Neighbor!

This week, our CareBibleStudy class searched through the Bible to Name a Prophet, whose bones caused a deceased man to be revived…now that was on Tuesday.

Then on Thursday, we searched the Bible to identity a certain king, who had given his nephew a military promotion; wherefore this young man served as Israel’s Army Commander!!

We also worked on another Bible Brain Teaser this week, where we found 30-31 Books of the Bible.

Here is a link; Just in case you missed it!!

Thanks to🥇Loveunknown, and🥈Pedro, who both found all 30 books, but they were still missing (#31) that elusive ‘variant.’


And Much Thanks to Warren, 💪🏾who identified that ‘variant,’ or the Greek name of the Prophet Hosea (#31) that we were all missing…including myself😊

From Warren: The variant: Hosea (Osee) “it takes a minister or a scholar (to see) some of…”

“As he saith also in (Osee,) I will call them my people, which were not my people; And her beloved, which was not beloved.”
Romans 9:25 KJV


Once Again, Here is Tuesday’s partial (Name That Prophet) Trivia Question:

Also, here is a link to Tuesday’s Trivia Question (in its entirety) including comments:


After the hearing of the Word of the Lord, It was revealed to Ezekiel, that dry bones could live, indeed!!

Now there was another well known prophet who caused a deceased man to stand to his feet…and not because he prophesied to the bones, as Ezekiel had done.

But because there remained power and virtue in this prophet’s bones, even after he had been dead and buried, in his own sepulcher.

So much so, that as this (deceased) man was being laid to rest…and as his body was being lowered into the ground…it made contact (in the grave) with this Old Testament prophet’s bones…and immediately, the recently deceased man was revived, and also stood to his feet👣

Which Old Testament Prophet’s Bones were these?

Answer: The Prophet Elisha

-As a man was being buried [on an open bier], such a band was seen coming; and the man was cast into Elisha“s grave. And when the man being let down touched the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood on his feet. (2Kings 13:21)


🏆Answerers: 🥇Kathy 👏👏👏

🥈Barb 👏👏👏

🥉Gary 👏👏👏


Thanks to All of our Blogger Friends, who played along with us on Tuesday 💪🏾


Get Your Super-Faith Boogie On, Everybody‼️💃🏽🕺✝️


Stay Tuned For More Solution Saturday w/Trivia Thursday’s Question, Answer, and The Answerers!!



God Loves You and So Do I!!


7 thoughts on “Solution Saturday Answers!!

  1. Hey There🤗Thank You so much for the Love and Feedback!! I always know that you’re out there somewhere in the blogosphere 🤣, but I’m so glad to be hear from you and to be blessed with your words of encouragement today! I often get Elijah and Elisha stories confused, so I thought it would make a good Trivia Question. Enjoy Your Reading and God Bless💕


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