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Waiting ‘Faith-Fully’ for Jesus – A Sinner like Zacchaeus

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I was listening to one of my favorite preachers, while driving in the car…and she was speaking about Zacchaeus the publican/tax collector in Luke 19:1-10.

I remembered teaching on the lesson in Sunday school, and My husband, Dewitt taught the kids this cute little song…

“Zacchaeus was a Wee-lil’ man and a Wee-lil’ man was he…He climbed up in a Sycamore tree…For The Lord he wanted to see!”

It was Dewitt’s favorite Sunday School Song, as a boy!

While listening to the broadcast, I was reminded of Dewitt’s boy-like spirit, when he climbed up in a tree to get a glimpse of our President.

It was during the 2008 Presidential Election, and Barack Obama was coming to St. Louis.

The Hubby and I were both beyond thrilled as we headed out for the St. Louis Arch Grounds, clad in our Obama T-shirts and hats.

Now, I normally shy away from large crowds, but I was excited…and really wanted to actively participate in such a historic occasion for Black America, as we were embarking upon electing our First African-American President.

So there we were hanging out with over 50,000 strangers and yet it seemed like we were all a large multicultural family ‘in fellowship,’ as Everyone had come together on one accord to support Barack Obama.

It was an awesome experience!!

So we all stood and waited in the ‘line that didn’t end’ until we cleared the Secret Service entrance to get onto the Arch grounds.

So Dewitt decided he was going to go and get us coffee, and it seemed as if he was taking forever to get back…

And he was, because he was bursting at the seams with excitement.

He was running around, savoring and capturing those historic moments…he was taking photos of everything that moved.

He was so enthusiastic about our new President!!

When he finally made it back onto the Arch grounds, it was just before Barack appeared on stage, so he got an idea to climb up into one of the trees to try to get a glimpse of our next President.

WOW!! What a Weirdo, huh??

So of course…The Secret Service approached him, without guns drawn (Thank God!!) and made him get his overzealous tail down from that tree!

Sounds pretty funny, huh??

But it really did happen…and maybe the idea originated from his Favorite Sunday School Song about Zacchaeus, The Wee-lil Man.

Here’s the Story:

In Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus, the tax collector, was overzealous also -like Dewitt- only Zacchaeus was trying to see Jesus!!

Jesus was passing through Jericho, on the way to raise Lazarus from the dead, when this dwarf- like publican, determinedly decided that HE WAS GOING TO SEE JESUS!!

He had heard folks in the crowds talking about this, Jesus; and he believed the stories and wanted to see this One who John the Baptist declared to be, “The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World!”…And although he was considered amongst the ‘chiefest’ of sinners, being the chief tax collector, by trade; Zacchaeus believed that by his merely setting eyes on Jesus, his sins could be forgiven.

So upon Jesus’ arrival into town, he ran ahead of the crowd, like a little boy, and climbed up into a Sycamore tree, anticipating that he could get one glimpse of Jesus. Remember Zacchaeus was a very small man; he could not see beyond even those individuals of average height. But he was determined that Nothing would Prevent him from setting his ‘Faith-Filled’ eyes on the Messiah!!

He had never seen Jesus before and was trying to identify which one of the disciples he was. He wanted to be certain about his Saviour…yet he was not expecting to be acknowledged or recognized by Jesus, at all! So when Jesus passed through and looked up at him, calling him out, by Name, saying, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down; for I must stay at your house today.”
Zacchaeus must have been so amazed!!

Now the Hebrew people did not converse with sinners, like Zacchaeus (publicans). I would imagine that besides his own household and his employees, who were required to talk to him, he was not spoken too at all, publicly.

So when Jesus came into town, acknowledging this sinner by name, proclaiming that He MUST stay at his house, Zaccheaus quickly climbed down; with a penitent heart and begins confessing all of his wrongdoing and declaring that he will make retribution for his sin of theft against the poor, according to the Law.

He knows that Jesus will not despise a broken spirit nor a contrite heart, according to the Psalms 51:17. So Zacchaeus empties out before Jesus then eagerly, Welcomes WALKING SALVATION into his home.

Jesus came seeking those that were lost and Zacchaeus placed himself in position to be found by Jesus.

When Jesus returns, will he find You waiting ‘Faith-Fully,’ like Zacchaeus??

Will You be eagerly anticipating His arrival?? And although You’ve been an imperfect person; a sinner, saved by grace, Will You still look confidently for Him??…believing that He will arrive bringing full redemption of your sins; Opening wide The Gates to His Heavenly Home for you saying,

“Well Done My Good and ‘Faith-Full’ Servant!! You Must come to My house today to stay with Me, eternally!!


God Loves You and So Do I!!


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7 thoughts on “Waiting ‘Faith-Fully’ for Jesus – A Sinner like Zacchaeus

  1. Zacchaeus’s enthusiasm can be parabled to say that there must be an effort to see Jesus beyond only what Jesus has been made out to be.
    As you put it, “he could not see beyond even those individuals of average height. But he was determined that Nothing would Prevent him from setting his ‘Faith-Filled’ eyes on the Messiah!!”
    Preachers do a great job presenting Jesus, but I think , even sometimes we are in the way. It would be better if we give them a glimpse of Jesus so that they will come looking for him for themselves.
    Also, the size of Zacchaeus may also be a parable, being spiritually incomplete we all have a “shortsightedness” about who Jesus is. May we all come desperately seeking for Jesus.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Reading the story of your hubby climbing up to get a better view of President Obama made me smile. May we have that same Joyful anticipation as Zaccheus had. He was an outcast being a tax collector but what a difference Jesus made when he saw him, called him and went to his home.

    Liked by 2 people

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