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Trivia Tuesday- Can You Name That Relative??

– So king Solomon sent, and they brought him (Adonijah) down from the altar. And he came and bowed himself to king Solomon: and Solomon said unto him, Go to thine house (1Kings 1:53)

Hey Neighbor!

Last week we learned that King Solomon was finally forced to execute his older brother, Adonijah, after he made a power play for the throne, with his deceptively clever petition to marry Abishag.

After David died, Adonijah made a request to marry their father’s concubine, Abishag, who would have rightfully become a possession,
transferred into the hands of the (new) reigning King, Solomon!

As we well know, this was not Adonijah’s first attempt at the throne. In fact, Adonijah had made his first, failed attempt while there was still breath in the ailing king (David’s) body!

In the lead scripture, above, we see that Adonijah’s first attempt at the throne only resulted in an admonishment for him to go home, and to behave!!

You see, at that time, Solomon no longer perceived Adonijah to be a threat to the throne, now that David was dead, but Adonijah was afraid of Solomon!!

He was shaking in his boots; so afraid of how the new king might react!!

You see, after Solomon had been properly appointed, anointed, and crowned king, Adonijah recognized that his head was bound for the grave!!

Adonijah realized that his actions were worthy and deserving of death, so in response, Adonijah ran to the tabernacle tent on Mt. Zion, for refuge from Solomon, where he caught hold of the horns of the altar!!

Again, Solomon, wet behind the ears, did not perceive his older brother to be a danger, so he just sent Adonijah home!!

Now Adonijah was not the only close relative, who had run for refuge from King Solomon!!

Fearing for his own life, this relative also took hold of the horns of the altar, because he was a murderer, guilty of avenging the blood of war, during times of peace!!

On this occasion, Solomon showed himself strong; and thus Solomon had this bloody relative struck down and executed, right there at the altar!!


Can You Name This (Bloody) Relative of Solomon’s??



God Loves You and So Do I!!


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