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How To Be A ‘Stalker’ for God!!

Hey Neighbor!

Last Friday, I posted a story about my friend Gail, who, many moons ago, encouraged me to introduce more Trivia into my blog.

Now Gail and I worked together in St. Louis and we had become great friends, but after I separated from that company, somehow she and I lost contact.

The Good News is that Gail sought me out until she found me, and here is that story!!

It’s Just Another Oldie for Your Friday!!



Ok, So I was checking my email on a Tuesday morning, when I saw a message that read:

‘Looking for you.’

Now I certainly recognized the name…in fact, her name was very familiar to me because Gail and I had worked together, downtown St. Louis.

We were such good friends, that the people on the job thought I smoked cigarettes, because whenever it was time for Gail to go on her cigarette break, I was right there, in the midst of the smoke!! Lol

Now, Gail was so determined to locate me, that she had recently sent a letter to my house, probably a couple of months prior…just like a real stalker, huh??

The letter read: I hope this letter finds you well. I don’t know how we lost contact, but here is my number. Give me a call.

I was so glad to receive Gail’s letter, because I ‘loved me some’ Gail!!….but it had been a long night for me, so I set the letter on my nightstand and decided I would call her on the weekend, when she wasn’t working…so we could really talk.

So ‘busily, being busy,’….That’s how I get……I forgot!!

Then, later in that month, I decided that there was too much clutter on my nightstand, so I went through everything and rediscovered the letter.

Now that was on a weekday morning, in the afternoon and I knew she would probably be at work, so once again, I told myself, “Wait until the weekend.”

Now this time, my husband was ‘busily being busy,’ when he removed my important mail from the kitchen table…and of course, whenever you ask him if he remembers where he moved something, his standard answer is “I didn’t see it!!”


So now I’m thinking…What do I do Now??…..I didn’t know what to do…and most likely, hubby threw the letter away, unintentionally, even though he “never saw it.” Lol

So I thought, “I’m stuck!!”

Now, Fast Forward back to our Tuesday….So I’m checking my email and I click to open her message, where Gail goes on to say how she had been searching high and low, to find me.

Then, She simply left her phone number, asking me to give her a call…Sooooo, this time…I called her right away. Yay!!

So, Gail and I had a great time catching up…and we’ve been staying in communication by phone and text. We’ve tentatively planned to get together and I’m so excited!!

She’s been enjoying the blog…and she recently sent me a text requesting more Bible Trivia. Wow…a demanding stalker too, huh??

So you may be wondering where I’m going with this….In our modern day, hi- tech society of cell phones, tablets, computers, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and also U.S Mail!! We really don’t have an excuse for failing to communicate with our friends and loved ones.

Sure…. I know All of us have had an experience where you’ve gone into the wireless store to buy a new phone and have lost all your contacts…But we don’t have to get stuck there!!

God dropped my name into Gail’s Spirit….Hallelujah!!

My Name was on the Mind of God!


Let me Just think about that for a moment…

…And without delay, she began searching for me and left no stone, unturned, till she found me!!

God was planning a ‘Divine Set-up.’

Just like the meeting of Samuel and Saul…Saul didn’t know Samuel when he went looking for him..and Samuel didn’t know Saul from Adam either…lol.

But God knew Saul, and dropped his name into Samuel’s Spirit!

Both Saul and Samuel were walking in obedience to God…right into His Divine Setup…and it was Awesome!!
[Go back and read Saul’s Story on the blog- You’ll find it under, ‘Bible Trivia- Saul’s Search’]

So When God drops a name into your Spirit, walk in obedience and be a “Stalker for God!”….Just Like Gail!!

Seriously though… Maybe God wants to use Your testimony to encourage a lost friend, or Maybe He wants You to pray for -or- with a former co-worker, or just Maybe He wants You to tell someone who has fallen away from Christ: “Jesus Still loves You, and You are not alone!”

What Name has God Dropped into Your Spirit??

Go!!….and Don’t delay!!

Let God Divinely, Set You Up.

As Always….Remember,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Feedback is so important: Please leave me a reply or send me a text or email to and let me know that you are enjoying the blog!!


11 thoughts on “How To Be A ‘Stalker’ for God!!

  1. Colossians 2:1-2
    For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh;
    That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;

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  3. A good reminder to not put off getting in touch with someone when God places a name on our hearts. Busyness can so easily get us off track.
    Glad you got in touch with your friend Gail. Blessings Tam💙🤗

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