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Super-Faith Sunday Riddle-Who Was She??

Hey Neighbor!

It’s Sunday, October 30th, and Here is Your Super-faith-full female of the week!!

Let’s Hope You Can Solve My Riddle??


She heard a Word from The Lord, He was saying, ‘Sustain.’
Though her own provision was nil, cause the Lord withheld rain
She was not a woman of strength, she was wearied and weak
Yet she gave what she had, to attend to the meek
God had sent his servant, asking her to provide
When she’d given up hope, she presumed they would die
How could God say ‘sustain,’ with just a handful of meal
Yet He showed himself mighty through this man from Israel
Though death did arrive, and long was the drought
God’s provision was continuous, and she never ran out.


Who Was She??




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