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Super-Faith Sunday Riddle – Who Was She??

Hey Neighbor!

It’s Sunday, November 6th!!

Can You Solve My Riddle??


Her husband was a man of valor and might
Who delivered forty years, making Israel’s burdens light
It was her dad who inspired him to fight, and he valiantly won this young girl’s hand
He was a good husband; even consenting when his wife went to her daddy, asking him for land
She was not doubtful, nor discontented, like the woman who Jesus had met at the well,
But was bold and quick to ask him to quench the exhaustive thirst in the land where she’d dwell
And because she was a faith-full daughter, consenting to wed the young warrior, and because she failed to complain
He blessed her with double: two springs that freely flowed, forever satisfying the thirst within his daughter’s parched territory and terrain.

Who Was She??




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