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Trivia Thursday – Name That Relative!!

And while He was still speaking, behold, there came a crowd, and the man called Judas, one of the Twelve [apostles], was going before [leading] them. He drew near to Jesus to kiss Him, But Jesus said to him, Judas! Would you betray and deliver up the Son of Man with a kiss? (Luke 22:47)

Hey Neighbor! 

Many of us are familiar with the Lead Scripture above, where Judas salutes Jesus with the ‘kiss of betrayal.’ 

We know that Jesus submitted to the ‘authority’ of the chief priests and their henchmen, permitting them to take him away, because their time (their dark hour) had finally come, wherein they were destined and determined to quickly kill our Lord and Savior!!

Judas was Jesus’ betrayer, and a treacherous brother he was; but he wasn’t the first to salute his brethren with such a kiss as this, when all the while, in his wicked heart, he thirsted for his brother’s blood!!

We know that Cain thirsted for Able’s blood; but did Cain salute his brother with such a kiss??

Well today we are searching for another blood thirsty ‘betrayer’ who we have identified once before, in a previous trivia question. 

This ‘betrayer’ was doubly treacherous, and eventually his bloody deeds did fall upon his hoary head.

He was found guilty, and was executed for killing 2 army captains, during times of peace! 

Now one of these victims/captains was his very own cousin, who our ‘betrayer’ also saluted with a kiss, just before he slaughtered him with his sword!!


Who was this Betrayer??

And also, Can You Name this ‘betrayed’ Cousin/Captain??

And Finally, Can You Name The Mothers of These 2 Cousins??




15 thoughts on “Trivia Thursday – Name That Relative!!

  1. 2 Chronicles 2:16-17 Whose sisters were Zeruiah, and Abigail. And the sons of Zeruiah; Abishai, and Joab, and Asahel, three.

    And Abigail bare Amasa: and the father of Amasa was Jether the Ishmeelite.
    Joab and Amasa were cousins: Joab was born to Zeruiah, and Amasa was born to Abigail

    2 samuel 20:9-10 And Joab said to Amasa, Art thou in health, my brother? And Joab took Amasa by the beard with the right hand to kiss him. But Amasa took no heed to the sword that was in Joab’s hand: so he smote him therewith in the fifth rib, and shed out his bowels to the ground, and struck him not again; and he died. So Joab and Abishai his brother pursued after Sheba the son of Bichri.

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