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How To Get An Upgrade from God: Try Faith-fullness!!

-AND JOSEPH was brought down to Egypt; and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain and chief executioner of the [royal] guard, an Egyptian, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had brought him down there-
(Genesis 39:1)

Hey Neighbor!

Last Friday, I introduced you to the, ‘Will Jesus Find You Faith-full Series from 2014.

And Here is Part II: Faith-full Joseph!!



And so there was Joseph; the boy with the dream…a vision from God that one day he would be a great man, that others would bow down before.

He had been sold into slavery by his envious brothers, and he’d been stripped of his coat of many colors.

But now he’s in Egypt, living in servitude, amongst foreigners and their foreign gods. The Egyptians did not know The One, True God, The Great ‘I Am!!’

But Joseph knew Him and continued to draw near unto God. God was doing a new thing in the life of the young boy, Joseph, who had come from a family of means.

Remember, Joseph’s beloved Father, Israel was a very wealthy man, Yet now Joseph had become a slave, in Potiphar’s house.

Here’s Joseph’s Story:

After they loosed his shackles, Potiphar may have positioned Joseph outside, cleaning the horse stables and stalls; but Joseph was faith-full…so The Lord blessed the horses.

Then Potiphar may have promoted Joseph to a the job of ‘house slave,’ where he had him cleaning kitchens and bathrooms…but Joseph was faith-full…so the Lord blessed the health of the whole household…as the conditions had became more sanitary…and thus there were fewer diseases and illnesses amongst the family.

Then Potiphar started to take notice saying, “There’s something special about this boy!”

So now Potiphar upgrades, ‘Faith-Full’ Joseph to the Cook….Then to the Butler…And Potiphar, still catching on…realizes that the ‘God’ that this boy serves, is giving Joseph special favor.

And when this boy steals away after work, Joseph goes into his ‘Secret Place’ to worship… Maybe that place was in the servant’s quarters, or maybe it was in the stables, where Joseph first began!!

But now, Potiphar has no doubt that Joseph’s God is blessing everything Joseph puts his hands to….and is therefore blessing Potiphar and all of his household.

So Potiphar upgrades Joseph again!!

This time, Potiphar places him in the vacancy of “Supervisor” of All of his household, and now Joseph is no longer a slave, but gainfully employed as the ‘Acting, Captain and Chief Executioner of the Royal Guard’ in Egypt.

Why ‘Acting??’

Because, Potiphar has decided to sit back and reap the benefits of having the ‘blessing boy’ in the house. Potiphar basically resigns himself of all of his own duties and responsibilities to Pharaoh..leaving Joseph completely and totally in charge!!

Verse 5 tells us that Potiphar only had concern about what it was that he (Potiphar) wanted to eat…Wow!!

Look at God!!

Although Joseph’s brothers had stripped him of his coat, they couldn’t strip him of his Comforter, God!!

Verse 2 tells us that God was with Joseph all the time, because Joseph was faith-full to God, and Joseph stayed in relationship with God, and He sought after God, through prayer and worship.

Joseph, although separated from home, and all that he was familiar with, continually meditated on God’s words, and consistently believed God for the eventual fulfillment of his dream– by faith.

So when Mrs. Potiphar comes along, Saying, “Joseph, Since You’re in charge of All of my household…Now, I want you to take charge of Me, too!”


So Sexual Harassment Started in Egypt, Huh??

Joseph was appalled to even have considered such an abomination before God!!

This perverse, and wicked woman, who had no morals…no scruples…and had absolutely no loyalty to her husband, (Joseph’s boss), began harassing Joseph on the job!!

The Bible says that Joseph was a ‘fine-looking’ young man, and Mrs. Potiphar had taken notice of him!!

She was tempting Joseph at the water cooler…but Joseph remained faith-full!!

Then she would conveniently make her way to the servant’s break room, during his lunch hour….but Joseph still remained faith-full!!

Then she showed up at the printer, every time he went to make copies…but Joseph remained more faith-full!!

Mrs. Potiphar was a real stalker…but not for God!! Lol

I can imagine that Joseph had to be very alert, and to keep watch for Mrs. Potiphar’s whereabouts, in attempts to duck and dodge her…but she finally caught him alone..and Mrs. Potiphar tried to seduce Joseph!!

But Joseph shunned her, breaking loose from her grip so quickly, that he left his coat in her hands.

Man!! This brother has a problem keeping his coats!! 🤣

Joseph ran away from her thinking…

How could Mrs. Potiphar expect him to do such an ungrateful and disloyal thing to his Master, who had entrusted his entire household into Joseph’s hands??…

How could she expect him to do such a wicked and unclean thing against his own body and his soul…and most of all, against his God- Who had shown Joseph Great Favor in Egypt??

So Joseph remained faith-full to God, and to his Boss. He resisted the temptation to cheat with Potiphar’s wife. He refused to lie in the face of his master, day after day, while secretly, stealing private moments with Mrs. Potiphar.

But as the story goes…Joseph was falsely accused and convicted of attempted rape… And thrown into the prison.

But God was still with Joseph, even behind the Prison walls, and God still blessed his hands there too…and eventually, Joseph was released from jail.

Now, Lo and Behold, at some point, Potiphar’s Job Position had also became available, and can you guess who had the best skills, abilities, and the most favor to fill that Job Vacancy??

Yes!! It was Joseph!!

And because Joseph remained ‘Ever-Faith-Full,’ to God, Yes!! God Upgraded Joseph!!

Now When Jesus comes back…Will He find You ‘Faith-Full’ on Your job??

If so…God will also bless You with a New Position….’til he eventually rewards you with your Heavenly Upgrade!!

Let Him Upgrade You, Today!!

His master said to him, Well done, you upright (honorable, admirable) and faithful servant! You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much. Enter into and share the joy blessedness) which your master enjoys-
(Matthew 25:21)

Til Tomorrow….When We will discuss the ‘Faith-Fullness’ of
Paul and Silas – In Prison

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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I really appreciate You!!

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Will Jesus Find You “Faith-Full??”

-However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth-
(Luke 18:8)

Back in 2014, I did a series on some faith-full folks from the Bible, and I also included a story of faith about my girlfriend, Erica.

Here’s The intro to the series and Faith-full, Erica’s Story.



Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without Faith, we cannot please The Lord….So when Jesus comes back, will He find us and say…
Well done my good and “Faith-Full’ servant!??

This week we are going to look at a few “Faith-Full” bible characters.
Now just to remind you…these bible characters were real people with real problems…just like you and me…but they overcame by faith…and so do We!! Hallelujah!!

These are some of the bible characters we will look at this week:

Tuesday’s Lesson: Joseph
-Genesis 39-41

Will Jesus come back and find you faithful ‘at work’ like Joseph??
-Even though he was the only God fearing believer on the job.

Wednesday’s Lesson: Paul and Silas – Acts 16:16-17

Will Jesus come back and find you like Paul and Silas?? Imprisoned and yet ‘faithfully’ praising

Thursday’s Lesson: Zacchaeus
-Luke 19:1-9

Will Jesus come back and find you
like Zacchaeus??
Faithfully, Sitting up on the highest tree branch trying to
‘Get a Glimpse of Jesus.’

Friday’s Lesson: Elijah
– 1 Kings 18-19

Will Jesus come back and find you running like Elijah??….Running so faithfully for God, that you’ve outpaced the King’s horses and chariots??

Monday’s Lesson (today): My friend, Erica

Will Jesus come back and find you like my friend, Erica?? Faithfully, on her way to bible study after a car accident??

Here’s her story:

Erica was on her way to Tuesday night Bible Study at her church. She was driving down the highway with her daughter in the passenger’s seat, when another driver sideswiped her car, leaving her spinned-out in the road!!

Praise God they were unharmed, physically, but they were both in-shock, and shaken-up. The police officer came onto the scene, did his job, and gave her a copy of the paperwork.

Again, they were physically unharmed, but the passenger’s side mirror was now half gone and the glass mirror was shattered into pieces.

Now, Erica was still a nervous wreck, but praising God that He spared their lives; and her daughter was still visibly upset, but getting it together when the officer sends her on her way.

Now, Does Erica turn the car around to go back home??


She keeps her car in the east-bound lane heading for her church!!


What kind of Faith is that??….And Where can I get some!!

‘Cause I would have taken my wimpy, whiny tail AND my baby back home where I felt safe…as we used to say, ‘with the quickness!’

I would have been pressing to get home, where my husband would be, to hold me and tell me it was all going to be alright..

But this girl stays on the designated path…Still driving and praying and wiping tears as she looks, from time to time, over at her daughter and the remnants of the side mirror.

She presses to get her ‘Faith-Full’ tail to the House of The Lord…her Strong Tower!!

-The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the [consistently] righteous man [upright and in right standing with God] runs into it and is safe, high [above evil] and strong-
(Prov 18:10)


Erica ran into the church and found safety in the arms of Jesus!!
She also found the loving support and the helping hands of her Pastor and her church family.

That’s how I want to be when Jesus finds me, “Faith-Full” and strong in The Lord…like Erica!!

So, I hope Erica’s story encouraged you today! Don’t let the devil put you on a Detour…Keep Pressing On, By Faith!!

So come back tomorrow for Tuesday’s Lesson where we will look at “Faith-Full,”Joseph. – On the Job, in Egypt, where he was the only believer.

Until then…Remember

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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Bible Trivia: Answer to Saul’s Search!!

What lost animal(s) was King Saul searching for in 1 Samuel 9??

Hey Neighbor!

Before I began blogging on WordPress, I would text a synopsis of my weekly bible-study to friends, family, and co-workers, etc.

At some point, a friend of mine requested that I start sending out a Bible Trivia Question, so I did!!

Listed above is that first-born Trivia Question of the CareBibleStudy Blog!!

And Below is The CareBibleStory Re: King Saul, before he became an obnoxious, self-absorbed King!!

This is Your Oldie-but-a-Goodie for Your Weekend!!



Here’s a quick summary of Saul’s story – How a Benjamite became a King:

Saul was a descendant of the Tribe of Benjamin, the smallest (in numerocity) of the 12 tribes in Israel.

Although Saul was a very tall and very handsome young man, in outward appearance, Saul thought of himself as, just “a nobody.”

-And Samuel said, When thou wast little in thine own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel, and the LORD anointed thee king over Israel? (1Samuel 15:17)

Now, the Benjamites were not only the most insignificant tribe in Israel, but Saul’s father’s family line was the least of all the Families derived from the tribe of Benjamin.

So as the story goes…Saul’s father (Kish), was told that some of his donkeys had strayed away, so he sent Saul to look for the lost donkeys.

Saul took with him, one of his servants and the two searched diligently for the donkeys for three days, to no avail….so they decided to go ask “the Seer” in Israel.

Now Samuel, Elkanah’s and Hannah’s son, (oldest of the six children) was the Prophet and Judge in Israel..and the two young men were hoping that Samuel would be able to tell them where to find the lost donkeys….not yet realizing that the donkeys had already been found.

Samuel had previously heard a word from The Lord, (in his ear) revealing to him that He was sending a young man, from the land of Benjamin, to be anointed as the first King of Israel.

Now the LORD had told Samuel in his ear a day before Saul came, saying, (1Samuel 9:15)

This was because the people had been crying out to God, pleading for a King.

The people of Israel were terribly afraid of the Philistines…and so God was responding to their plea by sending Saul, to become their King and to save Israel out of the hands of the Philistines.

Now When Saul and his servant finally made it to Ramah and approached the seer, Samuel greeted Saul by his name, saying,

“Saul, I am the seer.”

Now Samuel was on his way up to bless the peace offering, so he invited Saul to come up to the feast.

And because Samuel was already expecting Saul to arrive, Samuel had the chief seat, and the finest portions already prepared for Saul to partake in the festivities, and to eat as his honored guest!!

Now, the next morning, as Saul prepared to depart from Samuel, and return to his father’s house, Samuel took a vial of oil and poured it on Saul’s head, anointing him.

Samuel also kissed him, resigning his governmental authority over to Saul.

And then, on Saul’s way home, the Holy Spirit came mightily upon him, transforming his mind, and preparing him to become King.

Look at God!!

Now let me get this straight…

Saul left home……with a simple plan to find his father’s lost donkeys and get back home…

Then, just 4 days later….Saul came home a King!!


See how God used Saul, regardless of his blood line, and his HUGE inferiority complex…And God can use you too, regardless of your past…So Get Over It!!

God raised Saul up and sat him in the Chief Seat in the Kingdom!!

God had a great plan for Saul!!

I call it a Divine “Set Up.”

God has a greater plan for us, too!!

And our Divine Set-up kicks in when we accept Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Saviour…He sits us on the Throne – In Jesus!!

-And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One- (Ephesians 2:6)

So because we are Seated with Jesus, We too, are Kings and Queens in Christ!!


Now it’s time for you to pickup your Bible and take a look at the full story in 1 Samuel 9-10.

It is So Good…You will be blessed.

Remember…Before you read, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart…He’s waiting!!

As Always,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Feedback is so important: Please leave me a reply or send me a text or email to and let me know that you are enjoying the blog!!

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Trivia Thursday- Can You Name That Tribe??

-Then Jacob called together all his sons and said, “Gather around me, and I will tell you what will happen to each of you in the days to come.

“Come and listen, you sons of Jacob; listen to Israel, your father (Gen 49:1)

Hey Neighbor!

As you can see, today I have a new trivia-styled question for you:

Can You Name That Tribe??

Now we know that Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons. Here is a chronological list of those twelve:

1. Reuben, 2. Simeon, 3. Levi, 4. Judah, 5. Zebulun, 6. Issachar, 7. Dan, 8. Gad, 9. Asher, 10. Naphtali, 11. Joseph, (Ephraim and Manasseh) 12. Benjamin

Many of the stories in the Bible share the blessings and curses/feats and failures of these twelve patriarchs, and their descendants; but how often do we connect these stories to their forefathers/tribes??

So today, I am presenting a very brief story regarding one of these ‘faith-full’ descendants, hoping that you can identify, Mr. Faith-full, himself, as well as his forefather/tribe!!

Here We Go*************************

What ‘faith-full’ follower of God, from the Tribe of_________________________, put (his) foot upon the necks of 5 (escapee) kings, killed them, impaled them, and finally threw their bodies into the very same cave, wherein which they had fled during the heat of battle.


Who was this ‘faith-full’ follower of God??

And, Can You Name His Tribe??



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Waiting ‘Faith-Fully’ for Jesus – A Sinner like Zacchaeus

Hey Neighbor!

Here’s another Oldie for Your Weekend!!



I was listening to one of my favorite preachers, while driving in the car…and she was speaking about Zacchaeus the publican/tax collector in Luke 19:1-10.

I remembered teaching on the lesson in Sunday school, and My husband, Dewitt taught the kids this cute little song…

“Zacchaeus was a Wee-lil’ man and a Wee-lil’ man was he…He climbed up in a Sycamore tree…For The Lord he wanted to see!”

It was Dewitt’s favorite Sunday School Song, as a boy!

While listening to the broadcast, I was reminded of Dewitt’s boy-like spirit, when he climbed up in a tree to get a glimpse of our President.

It was during the 2008 Presidential Election, and Barack Obama was coming to St. Louis.

The Hubby and I were both beyond thrilled as we headed out for the St. Louis Arch Grounds, clad in our Obama T-shirts and hats.

Now, I normally shy away from large crowds, but I was excited…and really wanted to actively participate in such a historic occasion for Black America, as we were embarking upon electing our First African-American President.

So there we were hanging out with over 50,000 strangers and yet it seemed like we were all a large multicultural family ‘in fellowship,’ as Everyone had come together on one accord to support Barack Obama.

It was an awesome experience!!

So we all stood and waited in the ‘line that didn’t end’ until we cleared the Secret Service entrance to get onto the Arch grounds.

So Dewitt decided he was going to go and get us coffee, and it seemed as if he was taking forever to get back…

And he was, because he was bursting at the seams with excitement.

He was running around, savoring and capturing those historic moments…he was taking photos of everything that moved.

He was so enthusiastic about our new President!!

When he finally made it back onto the Arch grounds, it was just before Barack appeared on stage, so he got an idea to climb up into one of the trees to try to get a glimpse of our next President.

WOW!! What a Weirdo, huh??

So of course…The Secret Service approached him, without guns drawn (Thank God!!) and made him get his overzealous tail down from that tree!

Sounds pretty funny, huh??

But it really did happen…and maybe the idea originated from his Favorite Sunday School Song about Zacchaeus, The Wee-lil Man.

Here’s the Story:

In Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus, the tax collector, was overzealous also -like Dewitt- only Zacchaeus was trying to see Jesus!!

Jesus was passing through Jericho, on the way to raise Lazarus from the dead, when this dwarf- like publican, determinedly decided that HE WAS GOING TO SEE JESUS!!

He had heard folks in the crowds talking about this, Jesus; and he believed the stories and wanted to see this One who John the Baptist declared to be, “The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World!”…And although he was considered amongst the ‘chiefest’ of sinners, being the chief tax collector, by trade; Zacchaeus believed that by his merely setting eyes on Jesus, his sins could be forgiven.

So upon Jesus’ arrival into town, he ran ahead of the crowd, like a little boy, and climbed up into a Sycamore tree, anticipating that he could get one glimpse of Jesus. Remember Zacchaeus was a very small man; he could not see beyond even those individuals of average height. But he was determined that Nothing would Prevent him from setting his ‘Faith-Filled’ eyes on the Messiah!!

He had never seen Jesus before and was trying to identify which one of the disciples he was. He wanted to be certain about his Saviour…yet he was not expecting to be acknowledged or recognized by Jesus, at all! So when Jesus passed through and looked up at him, calling him out, by Name, saying, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down; for I must stay at your house today.”
Zacchaeus must have been so amazed!!

Now the Hebrew people did not converse with sinners, like Zacchaeus (publicans). I would imagine that besides his own household and his employees, who were required to talk to him, he was not spoken too at all, publicly.

So when Jesus came into town, acknowledging this sinner by name, proclaiming that He MUST stay at his house, Zaccheaus quickly climbed down; with a penitent heart and begins confessing all of his wrongdoing and declaring that he will make retribution for his sin of theft against the poor, according to the Law.

He knows that Jesus will not despise a broken spirit nor a contrite heart, according to the Psalms 51:17. So Zacchaeus empties out before Jesus then eagerly, Welcomes WALKING SALVATION into his home.

Jesus came seeking those that were lost and Zacchaeus placed himself in position to be found by Jesus.

When Jesus returns, will he find You waiting ‘Faith-Fully,’ like Zacchaeus??

Will You be eagerly anticipating His arrival?? And although You’ve been an imperfect person; a sinner, saved by grace, Will You still look confidently for Him??…believing that He will arrive bringing full redemption of your sins; Opening wide The Gates to His Heavenly Home for you saying,

“Well Done My Good and ‘Faith-Full’ Servant!! You Must come to My house today to stay with Me, eternally!!


God Loves You and So Do I!!


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I really appreciate You!!

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Check Yourself or Be Checked! Part I

-For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world- (1Cor 11:30)

 Hey Neighbor!

Here’s another ‘ Oldie’ blog for You from 2015!!



Today’s Lesson is a reminder that As Leaders in our homes, on Our jobs, in Our schools, and in Our churches, etc., we have a responsibility to Judge Ourselves or better yet to Check Ourselves or Be Checked by God!!

In Today’s Bible Story, We Meet the High Priest, Eli in 1 Samuel 2:12 and his Two wicked sons, Hophni and Phinehas who served as priests in the tabernacle at Shiloh.

Now Eli also Served as Israel’s Judge, however, he failed to judge or check himself and his boys, so eventually, God Checked Eli.

The Result was the death of Eli and both of his two son – all in one day…in addition to the eventual death of the Church at Shiloh.

Today, We Will begin Our Lesson with the introduction of Samuel, who was also like a son to Eli, into the priesthood at Shiloh.

(To Read More about Samuel’s Birth, Read the Lesson titled,’Bible Trivia Answer: Hannah’s Prayer.’)

Here is Part I of Our Lesson….


Now, Samuel was only about 3 years old when he was weened by his mother, Hannah who had dedicated the boy to the Lord’s service in the Tabernacle at Shiloh, before the High Priest and Judge of Israel, Eli.

Now Eli was very old and had two adult sons of his own. These two sons were named Hophni and Phinehas and they were both worthless and wicked priests.

Verse 2:29 tells Us that they treated God’s sacrifices with contempt, as they greedily fattened themselves by taking the choicest portion of every offering from the offerer – by force.

Verse 2:12 tells us that although Hophni and Phinehas were priests in the church and ministered before the Lord, they did not ‘know’ or regard the Lord – but Young Samuel – who did not yet know the Lord, was both faith-full and obedient to the Lord and also to Eli.

Eli loved Samuel. He accepted Samuel into his home and raised him up in the priestly order.

In essence, Eli was blessed with another son…a son that would adhere to both God’s laws and to Eli’s instructions.

Samuel also loved Eli. He cared for his elderly, adopted dad and catered to his every need.

Whenever Eli called, Samuel came running! Chapter 3- Verse 4 tells Us about and evening when Samuel came running to Answer Eli’s Call, only to learn that it was not Eli calling Samuel…but God was calling Samuel.

It was shortly after both Eli and Samuel had retired for the night and had gone to bed, when Samuel heard his name, “Samuel!”

He hurried to Eli to see how he could help, but Eli sent him back to bed, telling the boy that he was mistaken, because he had not called for Samuel.

Again the young boy hears his name again, as he lies upon his bed, “Samuel!” So once again, he returns to Eli, only to be sent back to bed, because, again, Eli had not called the boy.

So after a third round of this, Eli finally perceives that it is The Lord Who is Calling Samuel, so Eli instructs Samuel to go back to bed a third time, but this time, with instructions. Eli instructs Samuel how to respond to Lord, telling him, if he hears the Voice calling his name again…answer like this:

‘Speak Lord, for Your servant is Listening.”

Now Verse 3:10 Tells Us when the Lord called Samuel the fourth time, He called Samuel’s name twice, “Samuel! Samuel!”

The Lord comes and stands before Samuel, as he is lying in his bed, So Finally, Samuel answers God… Just like Eli instructed him and God began to give Samuel an earful.

Can You imagine this Young boy lying there, probably terrified, afraid to look up at the Vision of the Lord standing about his bed…as he is getting a full download from God- and it was all about Eli and his two wicked sons.

How interesting that Verse 15 tells Us that Samuel laid there until Morning…I wouldn’t have moved a muscle until daybreak either and I’m pretty sure Samuel didn’t get his 40 winks that night! Lol!!

God was delivering a Message to Eli through the young prophet, Samuel.

God had previously checked Eli, putting him on Notice about His Son’s Behavior in the church, but Now God was Sending Forth Judgement. We will Discuss God’s Judgement of Eli’s Family in Part II.


Thanks For Stopping By Neighbor!!

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Don’t forget to Be a Blessing…
Share The CareBibleStudy Blog with YOUR Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Your Neighbors –
Loving Them As You Love Yourself!!


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Bible Brain Teaser # 3 – Answers??

Hey Neighbor!

This Bible Brain Teaser Boggled My Brain!!


I Spent Most of My Sunday Afternoon and Monday trying to figure it out…and as You can see, I only found 58 of the 59!!

What Am I Missing??

1) Samuel

2) Leviticus (Levit. I customized )

3) Mark (remarks) or (Denmark)

4) Exodus (complex. Odus)

5) Song of Solomon (song of songs)

6) Acts (acts)

7) Luke (lukewarm)

8) Kings (looking so)

9 & 10) Job and Obadiah (job. A Diahann)

11) Amos (a most)

12) Hebrews (The Brewster’s)

13) Philemon (Francophile Monastery)

14) Genesis (Eugene, Sister)

15, 16, 17) John (Gospel) and 1John and

3John – (Johnson)

18) Romans (Romanshire)

19) Corinthians (Corinth. I answered)

20) Proverbs (pro! Verbs)

21) Psalms (tips, alms)

22) Jude (Judea.)

23) Timothy,

24) Titus (that it usually)

25) Galatians, 26) Colossians,

27) Thessalonians, 28) Ephesians (Ephesian site)

29) Haggai (Hag gained)

30) Philippians (“Philipp,” I answered)

31) James (jam, especially)

32) Ezra ( pez, rabbi )

33) Isaiah (Lisa. I, ah)

34) Hosea (those aren’t)

35) Joel (Joe, let)

36) Numbers (number should)

37) Micah (Endemic a holy)

38) Nahum (persona, humble)

39) Jeremiah (Jere, MIA He)

40) Lamentations

41) Malachi (from a Lachish)

42) Nehemiah (One hemi-Ahmadiyan)

43) Esther (Muslim was there) or (best her paper)

44) Matthew (Jerusalem, at the world’s)

45) Revelation

46) Peter (“nope, terminate)

47) Ruth ( “It’s the truth)

48) Chronicles (chronicle. She)

49) Jonah (Jo. Nahant)

50) Joshua (Jo. Shu, an)

51) Daniel (Dan, I eliminated)

52) Ezekiel (freeze!” “Kiel)

53) Deuteronomy (deuteron.” “O, my)

54) Judges

55) Zechariah (froze! “Chari! Ahoy)

56) Ecclesiastes (Eccles. I, as tester)

57) Zephaniah ( Zeph, a NIA hand-picked)

58) Habakkuk (H.A. Bakk, Ukrainian)

We’re You able to Find All 59??

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God’s ‘Faith-full’ Doorkeeper, Rhoda!!

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  • And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a damsel came to hearken, named Rhoda. And when she knew Peter“s voice, she opened not the gate for gladness, but ran in, and told how Peter stood before the gate (Acts 12:13)

She thought she heard a knock, so she had gone over to the door to listen more intently, while the remainder of the church assembly were fervently praying for Peter!

They had gathered together in Mary’s house, ever since they had heard word of his capture!!

The saints weeped and prayed incessantly for Peter!!

After all, they were still mourning the death of James, at the hands of Agrippa!

And Stephen had been callously stoned to death at Saul’s feet!!

Would Peter be the next martyr??

God Forbid!!

Initially, it had been Saul and the priests, who had begun to persecute those who were following the ‘Way,’ but now what had originated as a purely religious persecution of those who believed in the resurrected Christ, had now evolved into a civil/political ‘kill’ project for King Herod!!

Now that Saul (Paul) had been converted, and was no longer dragging the chained saints back to Jerusalem to be imprisoned, Herod had taken up the charter to persecute both the ‘church’ and the apostles, himself!!

Yes! Herod Agrippa had treacherously, beheaded the Apostle James, and now he had every intention of making Peter his next prized kill!!

But God said No, and He presented Peter with a Get out of Jail Free Card!!

  • And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands. (Acts 12:7)

The angel instructed Peter to tighten his belt of truth, to put on his peace shoes, and to grab his coat, as He performed a divine prison break!!

-And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me. (Acts 12:8)

Now in reality, Peter’s feet were following after the angel’s, but in his mind, Peter did not perceive that these things were really happening!!

Peter believed that he was still fast asleep behind the prison walls, just as he had slept comfortably in the Garden of Gethsemane, instead of staying awake to watch and pray!!

But Praise God, that Our Father God, is Always alert and active…watching over his word to perform it!!

When the Lord said that He would never leave Peter, nor forsake him…He meant it and His Words were Truth!!

God’s Angel had caused the chains to fall off of Peter’s wrists, He opened the doors to the prison gates, and he lead Herod’s captive, out safely passed 16 guards!!

When the Angel departed, Peter finally came to himself and realized that he was not dreaming!!

Now Peter was standing at the door/gate of Mary’s house, the mother of John Mark, where he began to knock and quietly announce himself!!

You see, Peter had just escaped from prison, he was now a wanted man. And Because he was ‘at-large,’ he must keep quiet, and he must stealthily attain a place to hideout before the sun comes up!!

And although his knock was quite subtle, Rhoda heard it.

She approached the door to listen more closely…leaning her ear against the door, she heard a voice that was very familiar, although he whispered….

It’s Me…Simon Peter🤫

But Rhoda knew Peter“s voice, just like a sheep know’s his own masters voice!!

She had no doubt about it…This was Peter!!

The Power of Prayer had prevailed and Rhoda became overjoyed with gladness and cheer!!

Rhoda ran in to tell the others that God had heard their prayers…and that God had honored them, as they gathered together in prayer…and that He was there in their midst, like He promised!!

God had wrought deliverance for his people, and even now….the answer to their prayers was standing right outside their door!!

But they did not believe Rhoda!!

They thought she was crazy!!

They insisted that the voice that she had heard was not Peter’s, but merely his spirit…These saints had little faith, therefore they doubted God and believed that Peter’s spirit had come unto them that night, because he had already been martyred!!

But Rhoda kept the faith!!

After all, her faith had never failed her, nor had her feet, as she ran to tell the others that Peter was there at the door…the problem was with her hands, and not her mind!!

Still Rhoda continued to speak with joy and cheer; She did not relent, Nor did Peter…as he continued to knock✊

Oh My!!😱

In all the excitement Rhoda had forgotten to open the door!!

When the saints finally let Peter in, he quickly hushed them and told them of his divine deliverance, and departed from them before daybreak!!

When those who had been praying since his capture laid eyes on Peter, some finally believed!!

I’m sure there were others who were not convinced that Peter was real until they had touched the chain marks on Peter’s wrists…as did doubting Thomas!!

Unlike Rhoda, who had also been fervently and passionately praying for Peter, she believed with a pure heart that God would come through somehow!!

She had not grown weary from praying, she was not found asleep, neither was she dreaming, nor was she delusional!!

Rhoda was at Full Attention…she was on guard and alert, praying, watching, and waiting for God to show up and show out!!

She was God’s Trustworthy Watch-woman and His ‘Faith-full’ Keeper of the Door!!

You see, Rhoda had Heard Peter speak and teach about the resurrected Christ, and she Believed, just like a little child…and with a pure heart, even in the midst of all those who had doubted God!!

They said to her, You are crazy! But she persistently and strongly and confidently affirmed that it was the truth. They said, It is his angel! (Acts 12:15)

Young Rhoda remained dogmatic in her faith and she was persistent in her affirmation that Peter had indeed been rescued and his freedom had been restored to him by God!!

Rhoda had not forgotten that God was Ever-faithful and that His promises were Truth!!

But unfortunately, young Rhoda had just forgotten to open the door🤷🏽‍♀️


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Bible Brain Teaser #2 – Answers!!

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I hope You Enjoyed Bible Brain Teaser #2.

It was hard!!

I have to admit, I sought help from my family, but even they couldn’t help me find the names that I was missing. I really struggled, but then I just had to sit down and work my Brain…Lol!

Here Are The Answers…YAY!!


Sentence 1.- John (1)
Sentence 2.- Joel (2) – (banjo. Elaine)
Sentence 3. –
Sentence 4- Judges (3) , Job (4)
Hebrews (5)- (she brews), Esther (6) -(nerves. There)
Sentence 5- Acts (7) – (fact Some)
Sentence 6 – James (8) – (jam, especially)
Sentence 7- Ruth (9) – (truth ), Romans (10) – (from answers), Titus (11) – (admit it usually), Matthew (12) -(them at the worst)
Sentence 8- Genesis (13) – (genes is)
Sentence 9 – Hosea (14) – (Those able), Lamentations (15)
Sentence 10 – Revelation (16), Timothy (17), Samuel (18), Numbers (19)
Sentence 11 – Malachi (20) -(normal. A chipper)
Sentence 12 – Peter (21) – (compete. Remember)
Sentence 13 – Kings (22) – (lurking somewhere)

Which ones were the toughest to find??


Our Brain Teaser 🏆Winner found All 22!!

Pedro Villarreal👏👏👏


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Bible Brain Teaser #2

Hey Neighbor!

Here’s Another Bible Brain Teaser…This One is kinda Tough!!

There are the names of 22 books of the Bible in this paragraph.

See how many you can find!!


One man from Illinois worked on this while fishing from his john boat. Roy Clark studied it while playing his banjo. Elaine Victs mentioned it in her column once. One woman judges the job to be so involving, she brews a cup of tea to help calm her nerves. There will be some names that are really easy to spot … that’s a fact. Some people will soon find themselves in a jam, especially since the book names are not necessarily capitalized. The truth is, from answers we get, we are forced to admit it usually takes a minister or scholar to see some of them at the worst. Something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty we have. Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations from those who have to be shown. One revelation may help, books like Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers. And punctuation or spaces in the middle are normal. A chipper attitude will help you compete. Remember, there are 22 books of the Bible lurking somewhere in this paragraph.


Have Fun and Don’t Give Up!!


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