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Bible Trivia Answers- Jacob’s Sons!!

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Today I have Bible Trivia Answers for you!!

Not only were these fun, but they were also insightful.

If you have been studying along with us, I’m pretty sure you have also come to the conclusion that most of Jacob’s sons were rather scandalous, with the exception of the 2 sons that Jacob had with Rachel – Joseph and Benjamin. 

And although Joseph was mistreated and rejected in his Father’s household- not by Jacob, but his brothers- Joseph will once again be UPGRADED to most valuable player in his next household, until Potiphar’s scandalous wife comes along!! 

Here’s more on that Story!!

How To Get  An Upgrade from  God!!

For Today – Answers!


  1. Which 2 sons murdered their sister’s Fiancé? 

Answer: Simeon and Levi

Support: Genesis 34:25-26

2. Which son slept with his daughter-in-law?

Answer: Judah

Support: Genesis 38:16-17

3. Which son slept with his father’s wife/his step-mother? 

Answer: Reuben

Support: Genesis 35:22, Genesis 49:3-4

4. Which son was held in prison as a ransom? 

Answer: Simeon

Support: Genesis, 42:19-20, Genesis 42:24

5. Which son decided to sell Joseph to a caravan of merchants. 

Answer: Judah

Support: Genesis 37:26-27

6. Which 2 boys were adopted as Jacob’s own? 

Answer: Manasseh and Ephraim

Support: Genesis 48:5

7. Which son’s name meant ‘making to forget?’

Answer: Manasseh

Support: Genesis 41:51

8. Which son’s name meant ‘to be fruitful?’

Answer: Ephraim

Support: Genesis 41:52

9. Which son was named by his father? 

Answer: Benjamin

(Benjamin’s mother, Rachel died in childbirth.)

Support: Genesis 35:18-19

10. Which 4 son’s did Joseph tattle on? 

Answer: Bilhah’s 2 sons – Dan and Naphtali + Zilpah’s 2 sons – Gad and Asher

Support: Genesis 35:25, Genesis 37:2


For Support, I intentionally listed the Chapter and Verse(s) only; so go ahead and grab your Bibles and check these out!! 

Again- This is excellent reading!!

In my opinion, no book in the Bible tells such good stories as Genesis does – I love Genesis!! 

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Next week – ‘The Pit Before the Palace Part 3- It’s A Trap!!’

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