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Super-Faith Sunday Challenge 4/3 – Who is She??

 Hey Neighbor! 

Today is 4/3/2022 and It’s Super-Faith Sunday!!

This past week, Our Super-Faith Female of the week was Leah, Jacob’s lesser-loved wife, who had blessed her husband with 7 children, in hopes that he would someday love her as much as he had loved his preferred wife, Rachel. 

And although Leah was not the wife that Jacob had chosen first, God caused her to prevail as the primary wife because Leah learned to seek The Lord, first and foremost!!

 -But seek ( aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. (Mat 6:33)


This week’s ‘faith-full’ female from the book of Genesis, was not as prayerful as Leah, because she didn’t know The Most High God. 

She was raised up amongst the idolaters in the land, but her husband had grown weary of this  lifestyle and could no longer dwell contentedly in his father’s idol worshipping household. 

He was ready to Go!!

She was a ‘faith-full’ and dutiful wife, so she was found agreeable to just ‘get up and go’ with her husband- leaving behind everything that she was comfortable and familiar with. 

She was now departing from her home, her family, and even her frivolous gods. 

She was following her husband, supporting his dream, as he sought after the fulfillment of his new faith. 

It was evident that she loved her husband, but he denied her in public, yet he still attempted to show her love ‘in secret’ – He couldn’t help it – She was Beautiful!! 

Indeed she was!!

In fact- she was so beautiful that kings of nations longed to have her, and bestowed tremendous treasures into her bosom.

But You see…the only treasure she truly longed for was a son to nurse at her breast. 

Like Rachel, she was beautiful – but barren. 

Her reproductive timeclock was ticking, and and everyday she worried that she was too far beyond in years to hope for a child- but The True and Almighty God said- Not So!!

He visited her and promised her the joy and laughter of a son- in her old age. 

And Although she was afraid to stretch forth her ‘fresh’ faith towards such a promise that was beyond her own biology, this promise reignited a hope in her that she was unable to quench. 

She waited and waited, both patiently- and impatiently!!

But eventually, The Almighty God ‘full-filled’ His Promise to her!! 

Her Laughter had come!! 

In her exceeding and abundant joy, she proclaimed that, “All who hear of this will also Laugh with me!!” 

And now….Her ‘fresh’ faith in God would fail her no more- This Woman was ‘faith-filled’ and ready to Keep on Fighting the Good Fight of Faith!! 

Who Is She??


This one is really easy, but I will be ‘faith-full’ to post the Answer for you on Tuesday!! 

Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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