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Bible Trivia Thursday- Who’s Your Mom??

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Last Week we learned about a Daughter of a King named, Tamar. She was daughter to the King of Israel and her mother was named, Maacah. 

Maacah was one of King David’s 8 (eight) wives, not to mention his many concubines. Maacah was a ‘primary wife’ to David, and she was also the mother of Absalom, Tamar’s older (full) brother.

In addition to Absalom, King David had 18 other sons, and Tamar was his only girl – for a total of 20 children.

Each of David’s 20 children are listed by name in the book of Chronicles.

Unfortunately, none of the names of David’s concubines/secondary wives are listed there – nor any children of the concubines.

But we do find the names of 7 (seven) of David’s primary wives on this list- but for some reason, one of the wives (name) is missing from this list!!

Thus Today’s Trivia Challenge + BONUS!!

Who Is Your Mom??’

I have some of David’s ‘named’ children listed below- in no particular order; can you match the child with his/her Mom??

BONUS +++++++Which of the wives is missing from this list??

There should be a total of 8 wives.


  1. Absalom and Tamar are the children of David and _________________.
  2. Daniel is the son of David and ______________.
  3. Amnon is the son of David and ________________.
  4. Nathan is the son of David and ____________.
  5. Adonijah is the son of David and _____________.
  6. Shephatiah is the son of David and ______________. 
  7. Ithream is the son of David and _______________.
  8. BONUS 

David had one more Wife. Her name was___________________??

Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun!!


I will post Answers on Solution Saturday.

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