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Name That Prophet!!

Hey Neighbor! 

My Great, Great, Grandma, Lollie C. always had a home remedy ready for anything that could possibly ‘ail’ you. Her tinctures never looked nor smelled great, but they were very effective. 

When we were kids, nobody ever went to the doctor or to the hospital unless one of our limbs was literally dangling off, because one of ‘Momma’s home remedies could always make it better!!

Well in the Bible, sometimes the king would find himself ‘ailing’ and would be so filled with anxiety that he would seek a ‘word’ from the prophet…not the physician, asking him to confirm whether or not the illness would end in death. 

Oftentimes, the prophet came bearing a poor prognosis…Thus todays Name that prophet question. 

Which prophet had come to the king bearing very bad news regarding the kings condition, but a short time later, God sent him back to the king to remove the original death sentence!! 

In this case, God heard the king’s pleas for mercy, and not only did God confirm that He was planning to heal the king, but God also caused this prophet/physician to return to the king’s bed chamber with a home remedy from Heaven!!😂

This natural remedy not only removed the king’s discomfort, but the king quickly recovered, and survived another 15 years!!

Can you Name That ‘home remedy wielding’ Prophet and…The King that God Restored??



God Loves You and So Do I!!